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  1. Hey Guys, I do have a big issue here. Unfortunately I added the wrong EAN codes when uploading my products. Now all the EANs on the invoices are wrong. I already changed all the EANs again, but the invoice won t change. What can I do about that? Please help me! Best wishes, Marvin
  2. Besteht eine Möglichkeit, dass der Kunde eine auf das Zahlungsmodul maßgeschneiderte email bekommt? Das ist bei mir leider noch nicht der fall....
  3. Thanks for your reply, http://www.crispywa.wwwthss1.a2hosting.com/presta/index.php# I want that when people hover over the cms category products that one of the elements in the sub menu is a link to all products. Is that clear? Best wishes, Marvin
  4. but can i assign a cms parent caregory to a product category?
  5. Hey Guys, I want to have a cms category but have partly cms party product categories in the sub menu. Unfortunately this module does not allow me to change the sub menu of the categries Thanks so much in advance, Marvin
  6. Hey Guys, i need to move this cms page (http://www.shop.crispywallet.com/index.php?fc=module&module=azgallery&controller=gallery&id_album=1) to another shop system. How could I do that? thanks in advance Best wishes, Marv
  7. Hey Guys, i want to Edit the top of my page, meaning the area between the logo and cart, but also change the positions of the cart and language block, how could i do that? Thanks a lot in advance, Best wishes, Marvin
  8. I just purchased a new theme for my website, but i still need to change colors and fonts. How could I do that? http://www.crispywa.wwwthss1.a2hosting.com/presta/index.php Thanks a lot, Marv
  9. Installed Prestashop "1.5.5" but "prestashop_1.5.5.0" is saved. Therefore no Modules can be installed. For example if i try to install google analytics the following error code is shown: - ganalytics : The version of your module is not compliant with your PrestaShop version. when checking the version in 1-click upgrade it shows: You come from the future! You are using a newer version than the latest available! Your current prestashop version prestashop_1.5.5.0 Latest official version for channel rc stable ( please help me.
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