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  1. That's what happened when I added the css and the php info
  2. Hi you can view mywebsite here
  3. Thanks but I tried it no tab still. The Reviews have moved up but description heading has disappeared. I might be missing something. I added the css to the end of global.css in my theme folder.
  4. Hi Vekia, I don't know where in product.tpl to find the codes to replace. I'm not a coder. Thanks for your assistance
  5. I would love to know how to get more info and reviews in tabs similar to prestashop 1.5 . I am using prestashop 1.6 . They were next to each other in tabs in previous versions but no longer like that. Thanks .
  6. This is a community forum please post what you did so others will not have to ask the same question again
  7. Tried it but the sale icon did not show. I still had to click it and it did not go away when the time expired.
  8. I want to have the on sale image or a special image when a product is on special. I know I can just check the on sale check box in the back office but when a special expires I will have to manually uncheck this box. If the sale check box is checked and can be automatically unchecked when special ends it will solve my issue. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  9. @CameraTek I had the image in the correct directory but for some reason it would not work. Maybe it was my theme. I used this code and it's now working. Thank you again. I would not have been able to get this done without your assistance. Thank you for the image. I have not totally decided what image to use yet. Your on sale image in your new products directory is over the product short description. you might want to put in on the image so the product description is not covered. check here http://www.uk-cameras.cameratek.co.uk/new-products.php
  10. Fixed the problem with the blank page. I copied and pasted a statement twice. I am not seeing an image just text of the image location. The image name is correct and in the image directory but it is not showing. Thank you for the assistance so far.
  11. Tried that but got a blank page. Something seem to be missing. Do you mind telling me what free template you got it from. You can PM me the info.
  12. I want to add an image overlay to products on sale. I want something similar to this site http://www.uk-cameras.cameratek.co.uk/. I also want the Image overlay on the product page. How do I achieve this?
  13. Now calculating ok. Can you add another table for total taxes?
  14. What I have noticed is that it to calculate profit for a product, it subtracts the Pre-tax wholesale price from the Retail price with tax. The correct calculation should be that it subtracts the Pre-tax wholesale price from the Pre-tax retail price. If that is done then the profit calculation per product would be correct. For total products calculated at the bottom of the table I thought it was the value of total products sold. That would be a good addition to your module. Thanks for your quick reply and thank you for this module.
  15. Total products not calculating correctly.The total is extremely high. That's the report at the bottom of the table. It is also calculating tax as profit.
  16. So all I have to do is replace those files and I am upgraded?
  17. I am having a problem with my loyalty points. When a customer converts their loyalty points and tries to use the voucher they get this error There is 1 error : 01.this voucher can only be used in the following currency: I checked in the back office and realise that when a voucher is converted it is not given a currency ID. I tried changing the currency and the errror changes to "This voucher is not yet valid". If I manually create a voucher I have no problem. My shop Only uses my country's currency which I created and I have hidden the other currencies from the front office. I want the voucher to have my currency as default when converted. How do I solve this problem. I am running version
  18. I want to add accessories to my products but when I do the image and product description in the accessories tab are out of alignment. How do I fix this. An example can be seen here. Just click the accessories tab and you will see my problem. I want to style the accessories separately from the other page elements. I don't know much css.
  19. I don't know CSS and I think it would need some other coding to get the sale or reduced amount to appear on the image. What exactly would I need to do?
  20. I would love to have my products that are on sale or labelled with price drop have the savings displayed on the product image similar to this http://www.circuitzone.net/estore/product-list.php?pg1-cid191.html . I want to pull the both the discount and original price from the database and display them on the red tag. If both can't be displayed at the same time then I will settle for the sale price. Thanks How do i get that effect?
  21. Thanks Rocky, that worked. You always have the answers. Thanks to you also cactusman2 for trying to help me.
  22. Tried that but only{id} shows up in mail and not the actual customer id
  23. I want to add the customer id to the order and welcome emails. How do I do that. I want to use the ID as an account number for each customer.
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