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  1. I have an actual siper-admin password problem in 1.7. I have 2 login IDs that differ in they are each a unique email address, same username though. One is an admin, one a super-admin. I login as super-user and try to edit my password under employees but the email address that show under BOTH logins is the admin, not the super-admin email address I log in as!
  2. Wow, that's great! Going to bed now, will keep you informed when I try it. Can't wait!
  3. THAT's a concept! And not wanting to make any assumptions, by "to localhost" you mean my PC that I work on? The site will run from a Windows 7 PC?
  4. Transferred all hosting and domain registration in-house, no caching, etc. same error. Looks like a manual upgrade is my only course. Many backups first!
  5. Does not matter what path I try to use to do the U/G, failure is the result. From the 1 click upgrade Module > Configure it says my version is NEWER than the current (tells me I'm from the future!). Also, now that the 1-click upgrade module is installed if I go to Advanced Parameters > 1 click upgrade I see the same module interface with the same results. Before installing that module I got a different error (Controller not found). I /was/ using CloudFlare caching. Am no longer, but getting the same errors. Your point about the manual upgrade is a very good one! I am in the middle right now of transferring registrar and DNS to all in-house, which should be done in a few days, tops. Will try again then. If THAT fails also then it looks like I may be paying PrestaShop to do it!!! Deep thanks to all you folks. I'll keep you posted!
  6. 1.6.7 The one that was at the prestashop store.
  7. I added the "1 click upgrade" module. It also fails to work, fails with the message: You come from the future! You are using a more recent version than the latest available! Your current PrestaShop version Further, now when I try the "1 click upgrade" (under Advanced Parameters) I now get the same screen and error as I see if I try to u/g from the module (above). It looks like I'll have to do a manual upgrade unless someone has any other ideas! Thx all RG
  8. Of course it doesn't work. I do click "1 click upgrade" under Advanced Parameters but I get an error... Controller not found Any ideas?
  9. Looking around all the instructional Prestashop under this topic I have only found only instructions for previous versions. I have Prestashop v1.6x and my SSL install screen seems to have WAY more options than anything II've seen online. I have a new SSL cert and an IP address so far but hit a wall in Prestashop. Appreciate any help, Thanks.
  10. I KNEW I KNEW there was a way I saw. I SWEAR I looked again and couldn't find it! Any way, yes, of course, thanks - but special thanks for the reminder to back up. I hope it was a waste of time!
  11. Sorry for such a newbie question but "How do I upgrade my PrestaShop"? I saw that there was a security issue that requires an upgrade but do not know how to do a proper upgrade of PrestaShop. I searched for UPGRADE here in the forums and was surprised to find nothing! I looked in the dashboard and under admin, etc nothing. I cannot find an UPGRADE link in prestashop either. Do I download and reinstall as if a new install over my current build How do I not lose my products and configuration then? Thanks! RG
  12. Both are set to 480 hours. Questions, questions,questions!
  13. I haven't logged into the store gui for a few months and it wasn't doing this then. I didn't add any modules or make any other changes. Perhaps an update to FireFox or one of it's plug-ins? I looked over the list os suspect add-ins and I am not using any, To see if I am hacked or not I'll compare that file on the server with the original. Cookies ARE enabled. I have no SSL and the www part is fine. I should add SSL. Works w/o error in Chrome. In IE & FF the bad behavior stands. The AdminLoginController.php file does match mine from October on my PC I suppose I'll just use Chrome to admin the site!
  14. Hey folks, something weird has cropped up in my PrestaShop admin area. I can log into the admin area (GUI. back-office, dashboard or whatever it's called) w/o any problem. then, once logged in no matter what I click on (any link or button) I am booted out and sent back to the log-in screen. Ever hear of this? Better yet, is there a fix? Thx RG
  15. That's almost it.. Still that output does not include the shipping cost or order date for each item... I am really surprised there is not a canned report function for sales for previous x days or months!
  16. I knew there had to be a way! So, how do I "export all records from the ps_order_detail table as CSV"? Thanks, RG
  17. Need to do taxes and need to see some reports for 2015: sales, fees sold inventory cost etc How do I get to the reports screen? Thx RG
  18. Hi folks I wanted to use the "Social sharing" module but couldn't get it to work. Under "Configure" I set all options (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc) to YES, then select SAVE but 1. I don't see anywhere to define the links that each social network button needs to link to. 2. The module doesn't show on the Shop web page and I cannot find it in "Live Edit". Where is it positioned and how are the buttons defined? Thanks guys, RG PS My Prestashop is
  19. Hey folks So, I searched for "header.tpl" but found a bunch of them. Which one to edit? Thanks much R
  20. Something interesting is happening. Edit TITLE (under Preferences>SEO&URLs) to be what I want then load page and see a longer title than I defined! Example: TITLE saved at SEO page above as: Beautiful framed real butterflies TITLE as seen by browsers: Beautiful framed real butterflies - Framed Butterfly Art :: Butterfly Displays Shop Where the heck is the rest of that title appended from??? Thanks all, RG
  21. ANSWERED. Thanks. That's perfect. And helpful info too. Thanks very much
  22. How would I edit inside the <HEAD> edit-me </HEAD> tags of the top-level page? And speaking of editing the page header, I also can't find how to configure the "Search engine keywords" module! Where is that? Thanks all
  23. Hi all, Trying to improve my SEO and the 1st thing I need to do is the 1st thing I am having trouble with! Where does one edit the site's top level SEO tags (Title, Description, Keywords)? I see the SEO option for each product but nothing for the site's main "index" page. Thanks much!
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