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  1. I have an actual siper-admin password problem in 1.7. I have 2 login IDs that differ in they are each a unique email address, same username though. One is an admin, one a super-admin. I login as super-user and try to edit my password under employees but the email address that show under BOTH logins is the admin, not the super-admin email address I log in as!
  2. Wow, that's great! Going to bed now, will keep you informed when I try it. Can't wait!
  3. THAT's a concept! And not wanting to make any assumptions, by "to localhost" you mean my PC that I work on? The site will run from a Windows 7 PC?
  4. Transferred all hosting and domain registration in-house, no caching, etc. same error. Looks like a manual upgrade is my only course. Many backups first!
  5. Does not matter what path I try to use to do the U/G, failure is the result. From the 1 click upgrade Module > Configure it says my version is NEWER than the current (tells me I'm from the future!). Also, now that the 1-click upgrade module is installed if I go to Advanced Parameters > 1 click upgrade I see the same module interface with the same results. Before installing that module I got a different error (Controller not found). I /was/ using CloudFlare caching. Am no longer, but getting the same errors. Your point about the manual upgrade is a very good one! I am in the middle right now of transferring registrar and DNS to all in-house, which should be done in a few days, tops. Will try again then. If THAT fails also then it looks like I may be paying PrestaShop to do it!!! Deep thanks to all you folks. I'll keep you posted!
  6. 1.6.7 The one that was at the prestashop store.
  7. I added the "1 click upgrade" module. It also fails to work, fails with the message: You come from the future! You are using a more recent version than the latest available! Your current PrestaShop version Further, now when I try the "1 click upgrade" (under Advanced Parameters) I now get the same screen and error as I see if I try to u/g from the module (above). It looks like I'll have to do a manual upgrade unless someone has any other ideas! Thx all RG
  8. Of course it doesn't work. I do click "1 click upgrade" under Advanced Parameters but I get an error... Controller not found Any ideas?
  9. Looking around all the instructional Prestashop under this topic I have only found only instructions for previous versions. I have Prestashop v1.6x and my SSL install screen seems to have WAY more options than anything II've seen online. I have a new SSL cert and an IP address so far but hit a wall in Prestashop. Appreciate any help, Thanks.
  10. I KNEW I KNEW there was a way I saw. I SWEAR I looked again and couldn't find it! Any way, yes, of course, thanks - but special thanks for the reminder to back up. I hope it was a waste of time!
  11. Sorry for such a newbie question but "How do I upgrade my PrestaShop"? I saw that there was a security issue that requires an upgrade but do not know how to do a proper upgrade of PrestaShop. I searched for UPGRADE here in the forums and was surprised to find nothing! I looked in the dashboard and under admin, etc nothing. I cannot find an UPGRADE link in prestashop either. Do I download and reinstall as if a new install over my current build How do I not lose my products and configuration then? Thanks! RG
  12. Both are set to 480 hours. Questions, questions,questions!
  13. I haven't logged into the store gui for a few months and it wasn't doing this then. I didn't add any modules or make any other changes. Perhaps an update to FireFox or one of it's plug-ins? I looked over the list os suspect add-ins and I am not using any, To see if I am hacked or not I'll compare that file on the server with the original. Cookies ARE enabled. I have no SSL and the www part is fine. I should add SSL. Works w/o error in Chrome. In IE & FF the bad behavior stands. The AdminLoginController.php file does match mine from October on my PC I suppose I'll just use Chrome to admin the site!
  14. Hey folks, something weird has cropped up in my PrestaShop admin area. I can log into the admin area (GUI. back-office, dashboard or whatever it's called) w/o any problem. then, once logged in no matter what I click on (any link or button) I am booted out and sent back to the log-in screen. Ever hear of this? Better yet, is there a fix? Thx RG
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