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  1. Hi. I have edited product.tpl to add some social functionality. But later I have found that there were no "write comment" link. But still there was comments block under the template. I have the latest version of productcomments. Tried to reinstall it. Nothing happened. Where is the bug? What have I broken? I think there was a hook and couldn't change something in code so much. Please point me to what happened.
  2. Есть идеи? Вообще работаю с престашоп 1.5, под нее интересует конечно, можно вместе заморочиться, одному ну времени не хватает. Можно в личном кабинете добавить поле с нахождением посылки
  3. Есть сервис антиген, как бы подрубить только
  4. That's great, but this is android app. I need something for symbian, I need to know how it communicates with the store. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  5. I'm setting up a small PrestaShop store and for reason of convenience for my commercial partner I want write a simple mobile application that monitors orders and shows alerts for the new of them. I am just a C++ programmer and not aware of professional web development. How can I communicate with my store's backend via http/https protocol? I know, there is already published android app on google play, but my commercial partner who will process the orders uses old nokia symbian phone that she likes too much. So I need write something namely for that platform. I need to mention that I have no external access to the shop's database for my hosting provider. Please, point me to some approaches I can use or PrestaShop modules that can help me there.
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