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  1. I solved my problem by manually editing the translation texts in the sql database
  2. Hi guys, the language pack for Bulgarian is almost perfect with only one exception - the translation for the module reinsurance is there but doesnot apply, seems the translation ids are wrong: And here are the translations ids in the file translations/bg.php $_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_f3295a93167b56c5a19030e91823f7bf'] = 'Гарантирано връщане на парите.'; $_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_56e140ebd6f399c22c8859a694b247f3'] = 'Замяна.'; $_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_597ce11744f9bbf116ec9e4a719ec9d3'] = 'Плащане при доставка.'; $_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_3aca7ac5cf7e462b658960931946f824'] = 'Безплатна доставка'; $_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_d05244e0e410a6b85ed53a014908c657'] = '100% сигурност на плащането.'; So the text is there in the translation file and is correct but doesnot show in the webpage, but english text is shown. Thanks for the support in advance
  3. Hello all, I was struggling with the same problem - blank page after confirmation of COD (cache on delivery) payment and I have found the solution: edit the file /config/config.inc.php and insert this line: ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); this will show the error instead the blank page - in my case it was insufficient memory, which can be fixed with inserting this line: ini_set("memory_limit","128M"); Hope this will help other users in the future
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