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  1. where can I find the layered navigation module?
  2. Hi, I was going through one prestashop site. The link is here. In this site you can see in the left side there is one search box. Lets assume that you are in home page and when you make any changes in the search block thn it replaces the home page content with its new results. How this is working? How it is replacing the page content.I know ajax is working behind the scenes but how it is replacing the existing content from the page. I am really curious to know how this is working?
  3. But how can I pass all the varaibles from smarty? As my form is now in smarty template? You have told to use if (Tools::isSubmit('somefield')){ do_something(); } but as I know that can be used in module's php file inside getContent() function. But in smarty how can I do this?
  4. Hi, I am just a newbie in prestashop. Currently I am doing a module. In that module I have a form in smarty in left column. The form is like this <div id="search-block-wrap"> <table id="search"> <tr> <td width="200" valign="top"> <input type="text" name="search" /> </td> <td> <input id="search-here" type="submit" value="search" name="search" /> </td> </tr> </table> </div> so when someone will give one product name in the search box and will click on search it will display the product details. Here my doubt is how can I pass the entered values in form which is in smarty to the php code? How to do this?
  5. Hi, I am currently learning Prestashop, so recently I have started module creation. Everything is fine with prestashop. But I have a doubt which came to my mind when I was recently developing a module. In the module file we don't need a manual connection to the database thats why we can use Db classes for all the database query which wraps the mysql_query function. Now let's say I have one file that is in the module folder but not the module file some other external file and in that I want some database query. For that I really need the database connection as because it is an external file. So here is my question. 1. How to make database connection in some external file (not the module file but the file inside the module folder). 2. How to use Db classes instead of mysql_query function in some external file ( not the module file but the file inside the module folder). I have gone through all the documentation but did not got the answer. So hopefully I will get my answer from you all the developer. I am really curious to know the answer.
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