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  1. Hi, Ok this might have been answered numerous times in the forum, but I can't seem to either understand nor read anything on the forum specifically talking about this issue... its these default ads that is on the default 1.6 theme, how do I remove it, or modify it? Thanks! jsqwang A Prestashop noob of 6-8 mths
  2. Hi All, Just recently, I had decided that my work-in-progress website is ready to try to add in more languages other than English, Chinese (Traditional) and (Simplified), by wanting to add in the following standard languages ie. German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic. Just as I completed adding in German, Spanish and Portuguese, I reviewed my website and I noticed this - the flags for the language choice was misplaced from the top down to its current position (please see picture enclosed)... How did that managed to happen and why? Is there any way in future that I can do to prevent such errant behaviour like this from ever happening for future slight modifications or reconfigurations from installed modules, although I would expect the answer to be no, but would it help if we kind of stick only to older versions of Prestashop? Thanks! http://www.qoolexpress.com/shop/img/Website-issue.jpg
  3. Hi All, Just wish to provide an update to this question, I have tried this little simple workaround that I mentioned in the last para of my previous thread and it worked: Just simply rename the prestashop directory name to something else that you want eg. \shop; and copy it all into your root\shop in your web hosting site via ftp... then proceed to run the install program of the prestashop in the subdirectory folder, via your web browser like this:- (website-domain name).com/shop/install <enter> It should then run the usual Prestashop install program and go ahead and set it up...and remember to also create and setup the sql database proper for use for the prestashop install.
  4. Hi All, I think this might have been answered but after having read some of the relevant forum threads, its still a little fuzzy and hard to understand, how to go about rectifying this seemingly simple requirement... My way of installing Prestashop v1.5.6 was to FTP the \prestashop directory from its zip file into my web hosting site at root\prestashop. I had just completed a new fresh install of Prestashop v1.5.6 and it was installed into a \prestashop directory (on my web hosting site). What I wanted to do is not to use prestashop in the directory name, and wanted to change it to say, \store instead. So, using the a FileManager from my web hosting site, I copied the whole \prestashop contents into another subdirectory folder named \store under the same root, so meaning copying \prestashop\*.* to \store\*.* So, now when I try to open up the admin via Chrome browser http://qoolexpress.com/store/admin6006/index.php, it will give me a internal server error. Now, I know that in other threads people have mentioned about removing the htaccess file, changing the sql database details in the domain, but the instructions are not exactly in complete layman style of steps 1...2..3.. and they don't really clue us noobs on where these files are located... so its all a rather a perplexing and frustrating experience to try to correct it all... and thus we had to simply remove all the files off and try the install all over again, time and time again. Should I have just simply ftp over into my web hosting site as say, root\store and then run the install via qoolexpress/store/install ? Would that have resolved my simple problem?
  5. I did try that out but I believe my original default theme was so screwed already that your suggested resolution produced similar results, and thus my theme is still showing remnants of misalignments...I even when to the extend of copying back the whole default folder and replaced all tpls and css files but to no avail.
  6. Help! I am a noob in every aspect, esp. in prestashop, CSS, PHP, and I have been trying out various themes, both default and customised to get a feel of how it is done, and how to go about it. Unfortunately, now my theme is all screwed up with misalignments everywhere and overlays of the logo over text and other issues. Please see http://qoolexpress.com/shop Question I have is, why don't Prestashop provide a simple function (by means of an additional module or otherwise) of allowing noobs like us to do a 'revert-back' to the original default theme with everything in place properly and all scripts ie. css and php whatnot all back in its proper original form? Naturally, following that, if we have product data in our sql servers, can we still revert the theme without losing our product data? Or would it be better if we backup our data in the sql server first before re-installing themes? Thank you for your kind attention and assistance!
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