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  1. I wrote up a working solution for this problem, you can find it under this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/51589/installing_prestashop/forgotten__lost_password__manual_reset_via_phpmyadmin/ I found that there is a problem when you run the md5 hash through SQL rather than PHP... more is explained in my thread.
  2. I tried to do this following the instructions here and it kept on failing. I have run into this problem before with a CMS that I created on my own. I have noticed that when you try and run an md5 through MySQL the result sometimes be different than if you do it via PHP, although you won't notice anything besides failed login attempts with the new password. I think what really happens is that the syntax gets messed up or there are errors between copying and pasting / extra white space characters (ie. there is either a leading or trailing space that you may not notice). By the very nature of running a hash the values should be the same from SQL or PHP, it shouldn't matter. So after screwing around trying to do it with SQL I went ahead and created a simple PHP script to create the correct hash and it worked. See attached file for the script... follow the commented instructions. Good Luck! prestashop_pword_hash.php
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