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  1. The current system, as far as I know, works as the following (with the above mentioned criterias): 1. 10% discount if 1. publishing year: 2011 AND 2. publisher: XYZ AND 3. category: non-fiction OR 2. 10% discount if 1. publishing year: 2011 AND 2. publisher: XYZ AND 3. category: yound adult OR ... 960. 50% discount if... It simply couldn't be, would make the whole admin side a mess What I (and anybody with the same problem) need: 1. 10% discount if 1. Publishing year: 2011 OR 2010 AND 2. Publisher: XYZ OR ZYX OR YXZ OR ABC OR... AND 3. Category: Young Adult OR Non-fiction OR Short stories OR... OR 2. 20% discount if 1. Publishing year: 2009 OR 2008 AND 2. Publisher: XYZ OR ZYX OR YXZ OR ABC OR... AND 3. Category: Young Adult OR Non-fiction OR Short stories OR... Than it would be say 7 or 8 cart rules. Instead of 960! Technically I need a discount module where the OR could be implemented in the selected rule next to the AND.
  2. Hello everybody, my problem is the overburdening method of discount rule creation at several parameters. Is there any faster way (modules, etc.) to create really lot of rules? Is it possible to prevent the accumulation of discounts? Here is the exact job I need to do at a bookstore: Discount groups: 1. guests and normal members: 0% basic 2. institutes: 10% basic 3. club members: 20% basic Discount parameter one: every year of publishing means n*10% discount: 1. 2013-2012: 10% 2. 2011-2010: 20% and so on till the maximum 50% (it means 5 different types). But the 2. and 3. group (institutes/club members) basic discount shall NOT to add to these discounts, which means every group shall get the same (or if the basic is higher than that) discount percentage (i.e. if a book was published in 2011 it gives 20% discount to all three groups, and the club members don't get a total 40%!) The main problem starts here: Discount parameter two: not every, just some book categories are discounted (total 8) Discount parameter three: not every, just some exact publishers are discounted (total 10). So, now I would had to create 5*8*10 (every goup except the institutes and club members) + 4*8*10 (institutes) + 3*8*10 (club members) discount rule, which is insane and impossible to create manually without fails in an acceptable time. Because it means 400 + 320 + 240 = 960 different discount rules! It's easier to give discount item by item, which is unacceptable because a massive amount of books. So have you any advise how to solve it? I would love to have a simple way: In one discount rule the AND and OR function together HELP please!
  3. Okay, so the solution was step by step: 1. change the config/settings.ini.php version number to the last good version 2. run the upgrade as usual 3. if it gives errors, delete the shown files (I had multiple error messages, at every one I had to restart the upgrade) 4. once it finishes the things are working as they should. Thanks again
  4. Errors: tools/geoip/GeoLiteCity.dat (size : 17648217) has been skipped during backup. error for copying /modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js error when trying to upgrade /modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js error for copying /modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js error when trying to upgrade /modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js 2282 files left to upgrade
  5. ok, so the recent version is define('_PS_VERSION_', ''); I upload the files to the ftp, than open the settings.inc.php, rewrite it to, upload this file again, and run the upgrade?
  6. Sorry I don't understand it I have four archives: 1. the original 1.5.5 ftp/sql 2. the new ftp/sql I should modify in the ftp archive config/settings.php change the line define('_PS_VERSION_', ''); to define('_PS_VERSION_', ''), or the revert, the ps v. to
  7. Okay, one question before the start: what archive are we talking about now? The saved db, the saved current site files, the saved site files or the prestashop package?
  8. Huh? I'm relatively new to prestashop, I know how to install it, add or remove modules, backup and so on, but this manual upgrade looks a bit weird. Thank you for the help anyway! Could you please tell me, how to do it? Would it work if I simply overwrite all files with the files? it's a working website, so if I return to a backup, I'll lost some newly registered members and uploaded products.
  9. Hi Doekia, thanks for the suggestion! So I have to do the followings: 1. delete the cache/class_index.php from the server 2. verify the CC - how can I do this? After debug_on, I got the following errors: Front page at cart adding (see attached image) Back office: Table 'lutherkiado_bolt.ps_tab_module_preference' doesn't exist SELECT module FROM ps_tab_module_preference WHERE `id_tab` = 77 AND `id_employee` = 8 at line 613 in file classes/db/Db.php 607. WebserviceRequest::getInstance()->setError(500, ' '.$this->getMsgError().'. From '.(isset($dbg[3]['class']) ? $dbg[3]['class'] : '').'->'.$dbg[3]['function'].'() Query was : '.$sql, 97); 608. } 609. else if (_PS_DEBUG_SQL_ && $errno && !defined('PS_INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS')) 610. { 611. if ($sql) 612. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError().'<br /><br /><pre>'.$sql.'</pre>'); 613. throw new PrestaShopDatabaseException($this->getMsgError()); 614. } 615. } 616. 617. /** DbCore->displayError - [line 313 - classes/db/Db.php] - [1 Arguments] Argument [0] SELECT module FROM ps_tab_module_preference WHERE `id_tab` = 77 AND `id_employee` = 8 It seems that this part is crucial because every other error arguments contains the same.
  10. Hello Vekia, many thanks for the fast answer! I didn't find any abandoned carts. I did find some. 8 abandoned carts altogether, the latest is from 2013-02-23 09:37:59 . So it's a bit old.
  11. Hi Vekia, sadly I got the almost same problem after upgrade from (general settings, basic theme) to (general settings, basic theme). The cart is visible, hooked to the module positions, activated, indexes rebuilt, caches cleaned, etc. The cart doesn't work since the upgrade. Here is the URL: http://bolt.lutheran.hu/cms/ Please, tell me what to do, my customer has a book store and the christmas is very close. Please!
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