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  1. Hi, is is possible, that the mail(alert) translations are a bit messed up? I don't want to describe all the problems I had, but just a few questions: From where does the mailalerts module take its templates (which folder)? Where do the translations made in the backend get safed? Where do the subject translations get safed? I found meanwhile at least 4 locations: mails/<isocode> mailalerts/modules/mailalerts/mails/<isocode> themes/default/mails/<isocode> themes/default/mailalerts/modules/mailalerts/mails/<isocode> plus the last two again for a custom theme. My impression is, that the mail templates are taken from another folder than to where they are getting saved. I tried moving them around, removing some of the folders - no success (in getting in clean). From the code in mailalerts.php I can see that the mailalerts module looks only in a folder relative to itself, means, in mailalerts/modules/mailalerts/mails/<isocode>. It also appears, that the mails are getting saved there. So then I wonder what's the mails/<isocode> folder for? Also I wonder, why I get an error in the backend, translations when I delete this folder? Which one is valid, and for what exactly? So some clarification would be really, really good here, I'm slowly loosing my nerves. Thanks, Imagiro
  2. Hi limon994, thanks for the answer, yes, I can see them. Any idea why they are not implemented for products? Cheers Imagiro
  3. Hi there, I was a bit surprised when I noticed that there is no bulk enable / disable functionality in the backend. So I started to create a module for it - and then I found processBulkEnableSelection() and processBulkDisableSelection() in AdminControllerCore, and adding this functionality was just about adding buttons for it. So I wonder if there is any reason this is not available by default, such as the two functions are dangerous or buggy. Anyone knows about this? Cheers Imagiro
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