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  1. Any ideas? I'm manually going to fix it for now, but just wondering if this behavior is a known bug?
  2. Hi, can anyone explain if this behavior is a bug in PrestaShop version I've had this happend more than once already. Basically you have existing products in categories A,B,C,D etc.. Then you make a new category called E. Then afterwards some of the existing products from C are also showing up in E. For those products I have to go into them and actually uncheck the category for E to get them to not show up anymore. Is this a bug of some kind? Is there a fix for this behavior?
  3. I like the idea of exporting my products from the catalog using the Export option in the admin panel. I do this in the Catalog / Products area. I get all the important information that I need like Category, Image URL, Status, Quantity, Title, etc... I need to add the product description and product condition to the csv file that is generated. Does anyone know a simple way to do this? If not, is there a MYSQL query or script that can run to give me all that information? I was told the Image URL's are not stored in the database making this method a challenge. Thanks! Scott
  4. Hello: I am trying to setup the featured products module on the homepage. So far so good except this annoying blank space of 500px on the bottom. I've copied and inserted the code below from my firebug session. I believe it's getting called from the global.css but not sure. Is there away I can disable this setting or change it? Looking in the CSS file for the module it would appear that height should only be 250px. Any help would be greatly appreciated.! My site is: http://www.nesgamestore.com Thanks!! +++++++++++++++++++++ <div id="editorial_block_center" class="editorial_block"></div> <!-- /Module Editorial --> <!-- MODULE Home Featured Products --> <div id="featured-products_block_center" class="block products_block clearfix"> <p class="title_block"></p> <div class="block_content"> <ul style="height:500px;"></ul> </div> </div> <!-- /MODULE Home Featured Products --> </div>
  5. Hi Pascal, I keep getting a blank page when I try and comment out those lines. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? I'm usually really good with editing these files. I've attached my "validation.php" file in its original form so you can take a look if possible? Thanks! Validate.php
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try and let you know the outcome!
  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks for the great suggestions. I have one issue in which I should of closely paid more attention too. (I'm new to this web design stuff but I feel like I'm picking it up very quickly!) It seems like to me the CSS file is being pulled remotely and I am not able to change that. I might have to make my own CSS file or do some inline CSS with some HTML. Does any method work better? I'm really stomped here and any help is appreciated! Thanks so much! Here is a copy of the exact code I am given from the website http://www.auctionnudge.com - I simply just pasted this in the body of the content box module as HTML. The JavaScript works which was my goal, just the formatting is a bit off. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ <script type="text/javascript" src="//www.auctionnudge.com/profile_build/js/UserID/brave200/siteid/0/theme/star_grey"></script> <div id="auction-nudge-profile" class="auction-nudge"><a href="http://www.auctionnudge.com/your-ebay-profile">Embedded eBay Profile By Auction Nudge</a></div> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. Hello: On my test website I have a seal with some java script. I installed the module "content box" and pasted the javascript code in as html. I then hooked the module to my left column of my homepage. Everything works great! My only issue is I want to center the seal with in the content box. Right now it's aligned to the left etc. I tried using some inline CSS tags with a div style in the actual context box editor but Prestashop removes them. Could someone give me some pointers on the right way to get this Seal centered in the box? Should I be looking at making adjustments in the global.css or a TPL file? Thanks a lot! and the address to view the seal is http://www.coffeemingle.com/presta/index.php
  9. My question relates to the instructions on enabling the Tiny MCE Editor at this link: http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-product-page-full-rich-editor.html In the second part of the article you have to comment out two lines of code in the /classes/validate.php file. Those two lines of code are suppose to be this: //if (preg_match('/<[ \t\n]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[ \t\n]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html)) //return false; I am only able to find this line to modify? Am I in the right "validate.php" file? I have done an exact line search find for the above line and cannot find it. This line below is the closest match. I'm running version if (preg_match('/<[\s]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[\s]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html)) return false; Thanks again for the help!
  10. Yes, I was specifically looking for a CSS setting to handle the font size for the product details etc.
  11. Hello: Can someone help me to figure out where in the Global.css I can make the font size to be 12px in the "More Info" description area for my product listings? Is there a similar setting for the "Comments" as well? Below is my example page I'm working with. I checked in firebug and it appears the current font settings are: font: 11px/14px Arial,Verdana,sans-serif;} being inherited from body#product.product I'd like to insert a new font size to override this inherited size for that section only. Thanks again for any suggestions!! http://www.nesgamestore.com/nintendo-nes/8-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles.html
  12. I have an SSL that I want to place in the header of my store. I was thinking of pasting the following code into header.tpl but I want to make sure it's positioned to the right side. Does anyone have experience doing this in prestashop? Thanks! <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var tl_loc0=(window.location.protocol == "https:")? "https://secure.comodo.net/trustlogo/javascript/trustlogo.js" : "http://www.trustlogo.com/trustlogo/javascript/trustlogo.js"; document.writeln('<scr' + 'ipt language="JavaScript" src="'+tl_loc0+'" type="text\/javascript">' + '<\/scr' + 'ipt>'); //]]> </script> 2. Copy and Paste the following piece of code and insert EXACTLY before your </BODY> tag. <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> TrustLogo("http://www.nesgamestore.com/themes/nestheme/img/comodo_secure.png", "CL1", "none"); </script> <a href="http://ssl.comodo.com" id="comodoTL">SSL Certificates</a>
  13. After going through all my options again, I believe I've got this working the way I need. I am marking it as solved for now and thanks!
  14. Hello: I was wondering if someone could explain to me why I keep getting the below error message during the checkout process for when you select shipping carriers. The error is “There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected.” I have spent a lot of time already trying to search the Internet and double checking all of my options here. My Goal is to charge flat rate shipping with U.S.P.S. for items under $25.00. I’ll be providing free shipping for items over $25.00. I’ll only be shipping to the United States in the North America zone only. I have checked through the zones and made sure North America is the only one enabled. I’ve tried to keep my testing very simple and have checked all of the following: I have one shipping carrier enabled for First Class Mail. In my test product I’ve specified this carrier under the shipping option. I’ve done a generic range in the shipping locations and cost of the carrier to charge by price range. For testing purposes I’ve set the range for 0 – 25.00 to charge North America shipment $2.95. In the checkout I buy a product for 10 dollars expecting the price range to match up the $2.95 shipment cost. I then in step 4 receive the above message about no carriers being found. If I enable free shipping it will detect and work just fine. I am not sure why the free shipping will work, but I cannot set the dollar range. Thanks again for any suggestions, I’ve got about 8 hours into this and am very desperate to find the answer.
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