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  1. Hej Jeg er ved at lave nogle CMS-sider, som i editoren ser fine ud, men når jeg gemmer dem og vil se dem live på siden, så laves der ikke mellemrum mellem afsnitene? Hvordan kan det være? Se attachments.
  2. Ja, override af checkout button er slået til.
  3. Jeg kører med v. Så hvis jeg forstår det korrekt, så vil kunder fra Norge altså automatisk få vist priser uden moms?
  4. Hej Hvis en dansk webshop har mange norske handlende, hvordan angiver man så reglerne for moms, hvis kunden er fra Norge? Er det noget man nemt kan indstille i backend i forhold til moms osv? I Norge skal kunderne vel selv svare moms af det de køber fra den danske webshop. Hvad er den mest korrekt opsætning i forbindelse med fragt, moms, priser osv. i forhold til Norske kunder?
  5. Hej Jeg er ved at bygge en webshop op for en kunde. Til dette har jeg installeret QuickPay's modul, samt OPC-modulet: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/checkout-modules/6841-one-page-checkout-for-ps-15.html. Problemet er dog, at når jeg markerer QuickPay som betalingsmåde og vil bekræfte ordren, så stor OPC bare og snurre (se vedhæftede billede).
  6. Hi I have a question. When images are added to a product, it automatically generates a combination, where it just have a "-" under functions. Value is set to "null : null". See the attached products.
  7. Hi I have a problem with translation from the backend of my webshop. As standard the webshop is setup with Danish language. I've also added english and norwegian language to the webshop. But when I'm entering the backend and will fx translate a CMS-page, I can only view the danish version of the cms-page. I can easily change the language for the template and modules. As far as I can remember, a flag used to be added beside the danish flag. Please see the attached files for further information.
  8. Hi I'm looking for a solution, so new products imported via CSV-file is automaticaly deactivated. The thing is, that I have to make the SEO description, prices right and so on. Is it possible?
  9. Hi all I am searching for a module that can act as a product supply buying guide on the webshop. This feature should be places on a webshop that sells supplies for printers (ink, toner, paper and so on...). It should be possible to have a field, where customers can choose a printer brand (CANON, HP etc.). After that a field where they can choose the model (IP2600, PhotoSmart 5320 etc.). At last there should be a button. When pushing the button, the customer should be re-directed to a category-look-a-like page, where all products for this printer should appear. Can anyone help me with that?
  10. Hi I'm searching for a solution that makes this wish happens. The webshop owner creates a customer group for some customers. The store owner should now have the ability to place the customers in this customer group, and the define each products price for this group. The standard solution in prestashop is, that you make discount on the whole catalog and not the option of changing the price on each single product for this group. Anyone have a solution to this, or knows a module for it?
  11. but I figured out what caused the problem. It was because my webhost ran with a special type of cache on their servers. I asked them do remove it, and afterwards I removed .htaccess file and created a new one, where SEO-friendly URL's was enabled. Now it works just fine.
  12. Hi When I edit SEO & URL's and make SEO-friendly URL's, the webshop beginning to show different errors. It generates a .htaccess file, when saving SEO & URL's under Preferences. When the .htaccess is generated, the following errors occours. 1. Product deleted from shopping cart, when adding another When adding a product to the cart, and moving on to another product, and add this to the cart also - the first added products will be deleted from the shopping cart? 2. Shopping cart is automaticaly getting empty When adding products to cart and move on to another page, it will empty the shopping cart, and you have to start all over again. 3. TECHNICAL ERROR occours on OPC When a product is added to the shopping cart, and customer moves on to one-page-checkout, it comes with TECHNICAL ERROR. TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object Objects] Text status: error 4. DOES NOT REMEMBER CUSTOMERS ARE LOGGED IN When a customer wants to login and see their earlier orders, show personal informations and so on, it keeps telling the customer to login everytime they wants to view a page in their account. ------------- I've asked the host, if the mod_rewrite is avalible on the server, and it is standard set to enabled on the server, so it should not be a problem.
  13. I did just ran a few different solutions, and as far as I could remember from earlier moves with Prestashop, the .htaccess should be re-generated when transfering the site to a new host. But now I found out, that even if I created the new .htaccess file, it still gave me some problems with the website. When I deleted the .htaccess totaly, it runs perfectly. So I did not quite solve my problem - but is now running without a .htaccess file on the webshop.
  14. Just found out what cause the problem. It was the .htaccess file. When I moved the site from one host to another, the .htaccess file was also moved, so that caused the problem. The solution was to delete the .htaccess file from the server and rebuild it in Prestashop backend. Preferences -> SEO & URL's -> SAVE Now it works fine again.
  15. Hi I have a problem, when entering the page "quick order". When I have added products to the cart and move on, it comes with the attached message... TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error Does anyone knows, what could cause the problem. Prestashop version: OPC module: One Page Checkout to PS1.5 v.2.2.4 Serverinformation Softwareversion: Apache/2.4.6 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.0-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_fcgid/2.3.6 PHP-version: 5.4.21 Memorylimit: 512M Database information MySQL version: 5.5.33-0+wheezy1 MySQL version: InnoDB I've tried to disable the OPC module, but didn't solve the problem.
  16. Found out, that the module was a std. in this version of prestashop. It is not a module that I have used before. Just for fun, I tried to rename the folder from "slider" to "slider_old", and now everything works again? Strange, but no problem anymore.
  17. Hi I cannot access the module section in the backend. When trying to, it comes with the error attached. Running with the following settings... Prestashop v. PHP 5.4.21 The domain is: www.runnerslab.dk
  18. Hi Does anyone know, if there's an existing module that allows Prestashop to print new orders automaticly out on a printer? Thanks.
  19. Kom der en endelig løsning på dette? Står netop med spørgsmålet, da jeg arbejder med en dansk webshop som har norske kunder? :_)
  20. Hi Does someone knows if it's possible to buy a module that does the following. 1. When customer is getting registered, there's some required fields that they have to fill out. 2. Then there's some additional questions they can answer... - Birthday - Sex - Would you recommend us? - etc. When customers answer theese questions, they will get a VOUCHER sent to their email after they've registered their account. Is this possible?
  21. Hi everyone I'm looking for a person who can help me with a huge issue on a webshop. I'm helping the owner of RunnersLab.dk with the webshop and we ran into a huge problem. The last couple of days they got calls and mails from 10-15 customers who repports, that they cannot complete the process of placing orders of the website. They repports, that when they reaches the checkout-page and chooses between pickup or shipping, the loading wheels just keeps spinning. The same issue is experienced when click on the large green button that leads to the payment window. The webshop is running with the One Page Checkout for PS 1.5 from this address http://addons.prestashop.com/en/checkout-modules/6841-one-page-checkout-for-ps-15.html The webshop is running with the payment gateway from ePay. We had ePay support to take a look at the issue, and they sent me the attached screenshot with an error. It looks like something with the jQuery, but I'm not sure what to do now? Than you all.
  22. Hi Can someone tell me the easiest way to update from 1.6 Alpha to the new BETA-release. Is it possible without deleting the alpha installation first?
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