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  1. Hi Are there someone who knows how to add a bulk action to the back-end productlist so I can mark several products and then move them all to another category? Or maybe just make a drop-down on every single product line, where category is showed and in that way, change the category for the product? Thanks.
  2. Just figured it out. The page called "price-drops" in SEO/URL's i the backend is the page, that only shows products on sale
  3. Yes, but I just want all products on sale to be added automatically to this category then. It's because I don't want to keep track on the products which are on sale - and just show a page where all these products appears :-)
  4. Hi Is it possible in some way to make a page, that only shows products on sale? If so, how can I make it happen? Thanks.
  5. Nedenstående er det script, som jeg ønsker at sætte ind: <!-- BEGIN Podio web form --> <script src="https://podio.com/webforms/11441611/801374.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> _podioWebForm.render("801374") </script> <!-- END Podio web form -->
  6. Jamen det egentlige formål er, at kunne anvende PODIO platformen til at styre erhvervskunderne fra webshoppen, samt at der i PODIO oprettes en returformular (netop dette script jeg gerne vil have sat ind i CMS), hvor kunden kan udfylde felter i forbindelse med en reklamation eller returneret vare.
  7. Hej Nogen der ved - eller kender en måde - hvorpå man kan indsætte PODIO formularer ind i en CMS-side i PS 1.6?
  8. Hi I'm about to setup a webshop on http://kontorgruppen.dk. What I want to do, is to place the quantity field from the product-page and out on the category-pages, under the products. But is it possible for me to do this, and how can I do it? I would like this feature cause many of my products got min. quantity of 5, but as it is now, the customer does not know how many quantity there will be added to the cart if they do it from the category pages.
  9. Hi mskitti Try to contact Jakub from http://xml-import.eu. He is very very good at what he's doing. He helped me setting up my dropship integration with my supplier.
  10. Hi I have experienced some issues at the Prestashop backend on version When I search for a produkt, category or need to edit something, I have to type and search twice befor the product will appear at the product list? Does it have anything to do with some cache at the backend? I found out that the server is running with Vanish Cache but I have disabled this now to see if it will solve my problem. Have anyone experienced this problem before?
  11. Jo, det gør jeg. Hos Amero.dk leverer vi kassesystemer med FlexPOS, og er netop nu i gang med at lægge sidste hånd på vores nye Prestashop integration.
  12. Hej Rasmus Hmm. Der er ikke så meget POS-software til Prestashop. Faktisk er jeg kun støt på ét enkelt, hvilket er http://addons.prestashop.com/en/merchandising-prestashop-modules/13654-point-of-sale-pos-pro-by-prestamonster.html. Ellers skal du overveje at finde en kasseapparatsleverandør som kan levere et kasseapparat, som henter produkter, priser osv. fra webshoppen?
  13. Hej Fik assistance af en programmær fra Filipinerne. Fejlen skyldes en fejl i modulet som gjorde, at det brugte rigtig mange ressourcer af hukommelse. Problemet blev løst ved rettelse i et par linjers kode, hvorefter det virker igen.
  14. I have 14 main categories, but only three is showed on the webshop?
  15. Hi Hope someone can help me. When I'm trying to enter the configuration page for Top Horizontal Menu, I get the following message? [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module DbPDO: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) I'm running my webshop http://e-blaek.dk on Prestashop
  16. Hej Jeg håber der er en eller anden som kan hjælpe mig. Når jeg vil konfigurerer modulet, Top Horizontal Menu, får jeg følgende fejl: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module DbPDO: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) Jeg kører med en PS
  17. Hi I would like to know if anyone can tell me, what I can do to speed up my webshop on http://e-blaek.dk. I think it is a little too slow. What do you think?
  18. And what if the customer is logged out after 20 minutes and logs in again? Would the cart still be available if the customer has something in the shopping cart, or would it be deleted also?
  19. Thanks. But where exactly do I insert this code?
  20. Hi I have tried to duplicate the module and renamed the copy, but how do I activate the copy in the backend? Cannot find it anywhere?
  21. Hi I'm looking for a way to display four blocks on the frontpage, where each block contains 6 products from each category. The frontpage is a one-column page. I was thinking if it is easy to make it myself or if anyone knows a free module for this task?
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