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  1. Thanks a lot This action - does it delete the product from the cataloge? Maybe I did not explain my self very well.... sorry But I want to delte the product from the cataloge?
  2. Hi Anyone who knows an easy way to delete a reference number from PrestaShop via MySQL?
  3. My hostin provider changed something and now it works
  4. Hmm strange. But thanks. I will take a look at it today. But is it my FTP og MySQL that is full? My FTP has lots of space left...
  5. Hi When accessing the "Manufacture" in BO I got the following error on the page. I'm not able to see any manufactures or add new. Nothing appears on the list? I know that there are several manufactures. If I go in and add addresses to manufactures I can choose between 20-30 manufactures? Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I'm running PrestaShop v. on www.kontorgruppen.dk. Thanks.
  6. Hi Is there a way - maybe in MySQL - to remove "Home" category from all the products that might have this category attached?
  7. Thanks endriu I've got the change made. I don't know if it's done in the correct way, but it works
  8. Hi I have a PrestaShop webshop and want to make a change like the below description shows... This is an example: I have a product where the min. qty for ordering is "25". So when a customer visits the product page, the amount in the qty field is set to "25" as standard. What I want now, is that when a customer clicks on the plus (+) it should change the amount yo "50" anyone who knows how to do so...?
  9. Danske og europæiske e-handelsvirksomheder skal om en måned linke til et spritny online-klagesystem, hvis de vil undgå bøder. Se her, hvad ideen er med det. Read more at http://www.computerworld.dk/art/235987/alle-danske-webbutikker-skal-linke-til-dette-site-om-en-maaned#HOygSoFaWyLJlQR8.99
  10. Hi Paul Maybe, but on my webshop I've godt the quantity field beside the add-to-basket button on frontpage and categorypages.
  11. Hi I have a webshop on www.kontorgruppen.dk Many products have min. order amount. Fx http://kontorgruppen.dk/kontorpapir/1069-a4-canon-oc%C3%A9-top-colour-fsc-paper-100g-500.html This product has the min. order amount of 5 pcs. What I want is... When a customer wants to by more of this product, he/she can only increase the amount by "5". So if the min. order amount is "5" then the next amount should be 10, 15, 20 and so on. How can I add this fix into the code?
  12. Hi I would like to hear if there's a way to convert Product Features dropdown menu with multiple select boxes, so that I can add more than one feature to a product within the same feature category? Fx if I have a printer, then I would have the possibility to add more than one interface.
  13. Hi I'm having some problems with adding categories to Top Horizontal Menu Block module in Prestashop The module version is 2.2.0. When entering the module in the backend, there should be listet categories under the headline "Produktoversigt" but there isn't any. But when I entering the webshop and just click on search-loop every categories are shown in the left column? I've tried to roll back to an earlier version of the module but it didn't help anything.
  14. I Know But I'm searching for a module / hack so there will be showed random products on the frontpage of the webshop.
  15. Well I've tried that but it only shows marked products for the "home"-categori and not randomly from whole catalog?
  16. Hi I'm running the danish webshop, Kontorgruppen.dk. On the frontpage I would like a function where homefeatured module is added, but the products should be showed random so I do not have to add them to the home-category myself. Is there any way that I can get the module to choose the products automatically? Thanks.
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