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  1. Hi, I'm new at prestashop, so have a little patience with me I've created a new prestashop on my site. You could find it on http://www.adell.us/shop/index.php i've already made a few template modifications, such as bigger product images at home.featured page which is generated randomly. And there's my first question: I want to have a 3 columm layout on this page, also on product page, but there's only 2 columm. I've tried change a value at homefeatured.tpl but it doesn't help at all. I think it has something with css styles and 3 columms won't fit in center frame. Am I right? How can I make it right? Thanks a million. /edit: Just realised, i probably put this topic into wrong discussion. If I do, please put it into right one. Thx
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