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  1. I got a similar error message right now while im trying to activate my new theme. Did you find a solution?
  2. Of course, thank you very much for helping me: URL: http://tiendapescadeportiva.com/ I also attach a screenshot where you can see the cart after login.
  3. Thanks for your answer. All moduls are enabled for Guests and Customers (only the dashboard stuff disabled) I did not modified here nothing before.
  4. Hi All! Please help to solve my problem. I use LEO Converse free theme on my multishop. After I installed the theme I saw that the cart block on the header is not visible, but in the demo that is there. What I tried to check: - the module is hooked there - after user login the cart is visible on the correct position - tried to install another template, the problem is still exist, so it looks a prestashop setting problem Maybe there is a simple solution for this, please help me what can I do with this? Thanks Atthyska
  5. Same error here! Thanks for the upload, succesfully restored!
  6. Ok, I find a solution! As I am using spanish site the problem occured by the empty fields of the PayPal module translation. So I filled up all spanish language fields in Translations / Installed modules and problem solved! PayPal is working correctly. Hope it helps.
  7. Tenia la misma problema. Buscando mucho para solicionar. Encontrado un solucion: hay que traduccir los modules de PayPal, todos los campos y me funcciona!
  8. Please help me to solve this serious problem! Any ideas?
  9. Please help me to fix this error. I am using Prestashop version with a PayPal Europe module 3.9.0 version. Currency: € only. When I try to buy something on the shop, everything goes well, redirected to PayPal, but after I confirm the payment, I get a blank screen. The payment sent, the money arrives to the target account, but the order doesnt show up in the backoffice. On the blank screen click on the browsers back button I got a succesful payment message, redirects back to the shop, but the product still in the cart, no order confirmation, nothing. I tried to find solution, but nothing yet. Here is the debug error message: Notice: Undefined index: RedirectRequired in /home/pelanes1/public_html/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php on line 313 Notice: Undefined index: PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPPINGAMT in /home/pelanes1/public_html/modules/paypal/paypal_orders.php on line 70 Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PrestaShopException' with message 'Property Order->payment is empty' in /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php:866 Stack trace: #0 /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php(272): ObjectModelCore->validateFields() #1 /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/order/Order.php(299): ObjectModelCore->getFields() #2 /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php(480): OrderCore->getFields() #3 /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/order/Order.php(304): ObjectModelCore->add(true, true) #4 /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/PaymentModule.php(335): OrderCore->add() #5 /home/pelanes1/public_html/modules/paypal/paypal.php(1493): PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder(23, 2, 0.3, '', 'Payment accepte...', Array, 2, false, 'f0a3697e50b1631...', Object(Shop)) #6 /home/pelanes1/public_html/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php(296): PayPal->validateOrder(23, 2, 0.3, '', 'Payment accepte...', Array, 2, false, 'f0a3697e50b1631...', Object(Shop)) #7 /home/pelanes1/public_html/modules/paypal/e in /home/pelanes1/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 866 Thanks for your help!
  10. Thank you very much Nemo1! Can you guide me what I should modify in database, as I am not good in dbase management?
  11. Hi! Is there any way to set a fix tax for the products of a specified category? All products are using the default (21%) tax. But I would like to set a category of products to use 10% tax. To the current and to the new products will be added in the future also. Is there a simple easy way to do this or I have to do that one by one in the product details pages? Thanks!
  12. Hi! Please help me to fix this error for me: My admin uploaded about 100 products to our multi store system. (probably using csv import and 1st shop selected in the header bar) But these products appears only in the 1st store. If I select the 2nd shop in the top bar the products disappears in the backoffice, only I can see them if I select ALL SHOPS or the 1st shop. Of course these products do not appears or 2nd store frontend. How can I modify the settings of these products to appear on both shops. I already checked all product detail pages, tried to save again with enabled multistore button. No result. When I duplicate these products, the duplicated appears on both shops, but in disabled mode, and without quantities. Is there any simple way to solve this? Thanks for your answers!
  13. Thank you for your help! I just enabled debugging. I investigated what happened, and I think the issue can be connected to 2 newly installed modules: 1. Cash on delivery (COD) v1.0 - by maofree 2. Mega Customers v2.5 - by www.alabazweb.com (spanish special tax) Probably the 1st causes some errors, as I reseted, and now the bank transfer is working ok. Will test the paypal payment, but the COD still has error, (see debug msg) Can you help me how to fix this error?
  14. Please help us, we have a serious problem in our shop. While someones orders something and clicks on any kind of payments, the shop has an error. We have 3 different payment method and both gives error: If I choose bank transfer: 500 Server Error PayPal: redirects to the Paypal site, can do the payment, but after that redirects back to an empty page. The payment made (i see in the paypal account), but the order doesnt appears in the backoffice. COD: opens an empty page (validation.php). Shop: tiendapescadeportiva.com We just started to use multistore, so maybe some settings error. I checked the bankwire modul file permissions: 755 (tried 644 also, nothing changed, so probably not this one) Tried to clear the cache also, no result.. Please help! Thanks!
  15. Buenas! El modulo no compatible con multitienda de Prestashop... Busco un sincronizador compatible con multitienda. Hay algún conector compatible con multitienda? OBSolutions es posible que haya estado trabajando en un módulo compatible multi-tienda? (lo siento si mi espanol no es perfecto...) Gracias
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