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  1. my prestashop backoffice shows friendly url's are turned on.
  2. the main store url: www.freshairesupply.com/store wholesale store url: ws.freshairesupply.com which redirects to www.freshairesupply.com/store/ws I think it's due to my use of index.html in the root folder of the public_html of my server. The index.html has a auto redirect to do two things. 1) age verification and 2) redirect to store.
  3. I'm using in multistore mode on. when you go to my main store at www.freshairesupply.com/store it tries to load www.freshairesupply.com/store/index.php? which gives the user "this page is not availiable" BUT if you then click home the store loads just fine. If you go to the wholesale store at ws.freshairesupply.com it loads fine also. The direct url is freshairesupply.com/store/ws which also works. Any advice on where to start to find the problem?
  4. Running Prestashop, multishop. When I load the main store at www.freshairesupply.com/store it gives me a "This page is not availiable" error. But if I then click home it works fine. The other store which is exactly the same but with different pricing has no issues loading ever. ws.freshairesupply.com OR www.freshairesupply.com/store/ws The only thing I can think of is that when I initially enter "www.freshairesupply.com" in my address bar the browser loads "www.freshairesupply.com/store/index.php? which shows the error. But when I click home the browser address bar shows "www.freshairesupply.com/store" Please advise. Thanks in advance!!! Kevin
  5. Usually I can regenerate my thumbnails in prestashop. I've been resuming the regeneration over the last few days and it still hasn't completed. I checked my error log in cpanel and this is what I get: [Fri May 09 03:54:03 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/freshair/public_html/store/admin-1384889689/cgi-sys, referer: http://freshairesupply.com/store/admin-1384889689/index.php?controller=AdminImages&token=8e5dfa6ccdd7b2e9986fdd2e26f605d6 This repeats over and over and over...the only difference is the time stamp. What would be my next step to fix this?
  6. I rolled back to I'm going to wait for some of these issues to get sorted out. I don't mind working on fixing some things but it seems like there's a lot of presentation/layout issues coming from 1.5 to 1.6. BTW I love the new backoffice.
  7. Don't know yet. Now I'm trying to figure out why my multishop isn't working
  8. Lol. Yeah all my stuff is all jumbled up. I'm going to take the image slider off. I'm thinking that I need to reset the theme back to it's defaults.
  9. it's still in the center of the screen. Now it's above the top horizontal menu block
  10. Just upgraded to 1.6 and working on getting my site to look right. But for some reason it's in the middle of the screen. How do I put it back on the upper right side like in the default 1.5 theme
  11. I'm adding a multistore and didn't set one of my categories as a root category. Can I convert that category to a root category if so how do I do it?
  12. Awesome you're welcome. I've found so many people on this forum ready to help that I feel that I should lend my very little experience where I can!
  13. I tried what Nortom said. It's still not working correct. It will only apply if I have 250+ of a single product (all combos together). I need it to allow any mix of products in a category to apply the cart rule if it goes over 250 qty. Any suggestions?
  14. ibndawood: It works, but the customer has to apply the coupon. I need it to apply a catalog rule based on the qty of items from a category. Nortom: where would I make that change?
  15. I ran the sql code from above. The results on 3 executions were 3 different results 0, 0, 16, 16, 8, 8, 24, 24 0, 0, 16, 8, 8, 16, 24, 24 0, 0, 8, 16, 16, 8, 24, 24
  16. I mean where in Prestashop would I apply this code? a tpl file? or somewhere else?
  17. On a lot of my products I have 4 attributes, 00 mg, 08 mg, 16 mg, and 24 mg. Sometimes it's listed in order 00, 08, 16, 24 and other times its 08, 00, 16, 24 or 16, 08, 00, 24. Is there a way to force it to display in ascending order? Or will it just have to be this way? www.freshairesupply.com click on any eliquid product and you'll see what I mean. I'm running and the default template.
  18. I had a similiar problem. Hopefully you backed up your database and downloaded off your server before upgrading. Mine failed because I didn't have enough disk space on my server to unpack the new version and install it. Hopefully that's not your issue.
  19. Is there a way to limit access of a user to a single shop out of all the shops in multishop mode? I want to allow employees to access the retail site to update but I don't want them to access the wholesale store. Also the documention on the B2B mode is very sparse. Is there anyone that can elaborate on the pros/cons of using that mode? What does it do other than ask for company name and tax id during registration? thanks Kevin One more question: Is there way to show the MSRP of an item then my price? Vs setting the price then discounting it?
  20. OK I think It's a bug. The cart rule only works on the same item and any combination of attributes of that item. I want to be able to apply the cart rule to the total qty of items in the cart from the parent category. Is this possible?
  21. You can share products and categories between your multi stores. I had the same problem. Make you sure you go back through each product and make sure it's set to use advanced stock management. under catalog/products/quantity IF you're using multistore make sure you have the multi store configuration set to "shop group" that you're working on (mine was "group default" Unfortunately you have to do that for every item that was in the store BEFORE you turned on advanced stock management. ALSO if you tried to make new customer groups to seperate the stores be sure you do this: Original groups: guest, visitor, and customer stays the same B2B groupsL WS_vistor, Wholesale. WS_visitor cannot see prices but can browse store. Wholesale is registered customer. Then I went to Backoffice and went to customer/customer groups. Made sure that my multistore selected was my b2b store. At the bottom there are checkboxes for default group options. check the boxes for customer and visitor and change the drop down box to wholesale and WS_visitor respectively. Then I changed the multistore view to Default (shop group name) and changed permissions on Guest to deny access to my B2b store. THEN i had to go to back to my categories and make sure my categories and subcategories were allowed on my b2b store. Goto catalog/categories click "edit" category then scroll down the screen until you see group access. make sure the your new customer groups are checked. You have to do both the parent and the sub categories or entire parts of your catalog won't show up on the b2b site. Hope this helps!
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