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  1. Hello guys! I saw a lot of information about that, but I can't got the solution. I would like to put DIFFERENT and CUSTOM icons for my Category's on Vertical Menu, like the image below. Is it possible? Thank you!
  2. Hey, finally I got it! I put "226px!important" in product_list.css and changed my customized css file (I'm using cleantheme, so I changed cleantheme.css and modified all "height" for "auto" and... BUM! The result was perfect Thank you so much for your help, tips and patience... Abraços do Brasil! (hugs from Brazil)
  3. I found the line to "delete" description, but the question is: Is it possbile to put the images with 200px? Because we done that in Featured Products and the result was perfect. In category, the images with only 100px are too small...
  4. Alright, thanks for the tip. When I put "100px" ok, no problems. But I would like to put images with 200px (like we done in Featured Products), and when I put 200px in "product_list.css" the texts are wrong format... We could remove the description for get more space...
  5. Thank you so much for the fast answer! The Featured session is awesome now! But, I'm facing a little problem when I access the Category, please see: Thank you!
  6. Hello folks! Please, I need a help... Please, see my home at this moment: ( http://bazar90.com.br ) But, I would like to resize picutres and texts, in order to put only 3 images by line (would be 9 pictures in total). But when I change the image size in "Preferences", the texts does not resize too. I would like make something like that (image below) Is it possible? Thanks in advance!
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