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  1. I have had the same problem no matter what I setup. I tried one flat free for USPS and I tried setting up box size carriers for USPS flat rate boxes and it seems to work at first, but after testing it for a little bit, it automatically says free shipping on everything. I can not have this. I have had a Ipage site since Aug. I have been paying for that I can not use because of this. Ipage won't help me because it is a Prestashop issues and Prestashop does not support their service which ipage endorses unless you buy a hundreds of dollars support package and go through more hassle. Why don't they have automatic shipping set up by box six or region? This is ridiculous, thinking it might be time to contact BBB, no one seems to help and lot of people keep reporting the same issue.. though Prestashop seems to say everything is fine. Well, then why does it work for two minutes and then suddenly will not, something glitchy there, I did everything as it shows. And don't even try adding extra shipping for two items in cart, that automatically screws up. I don't know how much time I spent setting up my web store to have this stupid shipping issue hold me up for month upon month upon... you think they would be nice and quickly set it up ? Is that so hard.. for someone who has been asking for some assistance, I know it don't take them any time. Any programmer or someone who has theirs working. I would really appreciate your help!!! Thank you!
  2. how do you set up shipping straight thru a carrier??
  3. I have been searching and searching the internet and can't get an easy set up for shipping for Prestashop that will work. I don't know exact weight for products. I need to charge by box size for service and USPS priority is probably cheapest easiest bet, but would also allow FCM or parcel post or whatever I could set up to easily work. I have some oversized 20 x 20 or 24 x 24 items that I don't know what box or service to use to be the cheapest /standard price anywhere domestic. Anyway, I want to have the product size automatically select the USPS priority postage box that will fit and use that shipping amount. But, anytime I try to add any carriers for shipping it always says shipping is free. I need to get this completed right away. I am in immediate help.. if you know how to do this and can offer your assistance or a free module that's easy to set up.. the USPS module that is included with prestashop doesn't seem to update or work and all the tutorials tell you basic shipping set up steps that I have done, that still show free shipping. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! THank so much!!!
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