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  1. Hi there, I would really appreciate if you please show me an example of your nice confirmation page: order-confirmation.tpl? I don't know how to do that including some html. Your right about presta not being very helpful in this.
  2. if I remove the Page Header hook, and I leave only left, right or top hook, the module doesn't show up and in that place i het to see the tekst: Error - Player not loaded
  3. I can hook it to: Page Header & Left Column - works well (at bottom of left column) Page Header & Right Clumn - works well (at bottom of right column) Page Header & Top of Pages - Works well (at top of left column) But all this is still below my topmenu and company logo I want the module to show above the topmenu, right of my company logo. On your audio mp3 module selling page I saw a picture of this. If you can tell me which hooks to use to display correctly I can put them myself.
  4. it hooks, but at th etop of left column, just above categories / below my shop logo, i get this tekst: Error - Player not loaded
  5. can't hook it at top of page. presta i hook it only at this one below, correct? then at top of left column i see ...coul not be loaded tekst Top of pages - 1 Module [This hook displays additional elements at the top of your pages] (Technische naamdisplayTop) Audio Player v0.2 Use this module to play music on your online store
  6. Hi I now know how to export nearly anything using SQL manager from my old shop. Except Features, Attributes and Tags. I got some SELECT code for thos but they don't work. If I use them I get no error on creating them, but in my csv file i downloaded I see: In BO: Your query no results If try to take the excel file this is what is inside: <br /> <b>Warning</b>: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in <b>D:\xampp\htdocs\controllers\admin\AdminRequestSqlController.php</b> on line <b>312</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <b>D:\xampp\htdocs\controllers\admin\AdminRequestSqlController.php</b> on line <b>312</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in <b>D:\xampp\htdocs\controllers\admin\AdminRequestSqlController.php</b> on line <b>317</b><br /> i don't believe anything is wrong above. all other ocde works. sometimes i made a mistake and got the same error, until i fixed the sql code. Does anyone know what i must change for those sql codes to work? Greets ERROR export products with attributes.txt ERROR export tags.txt
  7. I tried combining your nice code with mine to get the picture links too. it worked. chech it out here below. I'm very sorry i don't know how to paste the text format here and neither can i get a txt file uploaded here. http://home.kpn.nl/lo1li3/export_all_with_image_urls.jpg Maybe someone can help me out with that? Greets
  8. EDIT: I can't past the code here?? It will leave excatly the image part blanked out
  9. i don't see editorial folder in theme/modules. presta 156 i tried your code and then i cannot go to bo>module positions (blank screen) reverting to original code is all back to normal.
  10. After adding new link you can find it in the bottom of the left list and you can add it to the right list like the others
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