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  1. I just had the exact same situation !!! I am using Sitelock through GoDaddy and they flagged this string in Classes/Tools as malicious - can anyone help us on this ? I am running on PS
  2. Hi, Can someone please help !!! My site has been hacked pretty badly through the HTaccess file and several files posted in the root and in many modules. I think I was able to remove manually most of them by sifting through the files one by one. My shop runs on with a purchased theme. It now seems to work OK - except for one thing : the meta title and meta description from the major search engines describe an online casino ! I really don't know what else to do : I changed all my passwords (PC, FTP, server and backstore) Scanned my own PC (no viruses found) Can someone please help me figure out where I can find the code that is modifying the meta description and titles for search engines and make sure that I am not infected. Thanks in advance S.
  3. I have the same issue - I tried posting in another subject but I think this one resembles more what is happening to me. The problem is actually with all my drop-down boxes only on mobile. They don't work. It affects the State and Country boxes in the address page as well as the Size box in the the product page. This issue is really important but I cannot seem to find any solution to it - Anyone help ??
  4. Hi to all, I can't seem to find a solution to this. The site I'm working on works fine on PC but on mobile, the drop-down menus are just not responsive. They appear but when you click on them, they just flicker but nothing shows up. This affects all the drop-downs everywhere in the site (only again on phones). So for example, the size drop-down in the product page and most importantly the States and Country drop-down boxes in the address form. This means that a customer basically can't complete a transaction online because they can't register their address. Any suggestions would be super appreciated. Sandy
  5. My problem was that customers would try to create an account with IE8 and the page would be blank - with the header and footer there but just blank content. After a VERY LONG TIME of looking for an answer I tried tried this and it worked. It involves a very small code change in the authentification file of your theme. Try it and let me know ! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/265225-solved-create-account-not-working-prestashop-v-1531/page-2
  6. Hi jeyjoo, For now I have left the old module as the new one create too many problems (I had problems with multiple coupons inserted in the cart) and I did not have time for testing etc... I did not try with Paypal Europe but I eventually will because this does not make sense. Even with the old Paypal module, the payment part works fine but the shopping carts do not get translated into orders in the BO (and in the shoppers' carts) about 30% of the time. I will post updates if I find anything.
  7. Hi, It's been 2 weeks that I'm litterally going crazy over this. Our shop is working fine plus or minus little normal issues. Some customers have reported that they cannot create an account when using IE8. I was able to confirm this by replicating the issue. I used IEtester to test with the different versions of IE and the only instance where the error did not occur was when I turned the javascript off. Here's what happens: 1) customer enters their e-mail address and clicks on "create your account", 2) the website redirects them to the proper page, except it is without content (in other words, the URL is the right one, the page appear with the header and footer but not with the content part - which is supposed to be the form where client enters their name and sets password) I have no idea what this could be. I tried the different fixes proposed in the forum: -Tried to change the type of create account button from "button" to "submit" in authentification.tpl -Commented out part of the states management.js I have searched in the forums for hours and I tried all the solutions proposed except the one about changing the shop from www. to non-www in SEO and URLS. Can someone please help ? My version is (upgraded from and my theme is not the default one. Thanks !
  8. Hi to all, I HAVE THE SOLUTION !! And it's really thanks to the better understanding of the process that I got from all your posts. So thank you all A MILLION TIMES. So here it is for anyone having similar issues: Like Zen was saying, if you have a responsive theme, you need to chose the option :Disable mobile under the Themes categories in your B.O Every time you test with your mobile devices, clear your cache (of your phones) The responsive theme is supposed to direct you to the same URL on all devices. In my case, the theme worked on tablets and not on phones. The reason was that on phones, the user was redirected to : mobile.mydomain.com instead of mydomain.com. So it basically directed to a URL that did not exist as I do not have a mobile folder on my theme (as El Patron made me notice). There are a few things that could make that happen: A redirection in the htaccess file to mobile.mydomain.com Your server that has the mobile version enabled In my case the server had the mobile version enabled which redirected to mobile.mydomain.com. I just disabled that option (in the control panel of my hosting account) and now it works !!! Thanks again to you all for all your answers and support.
  9. Hi Zen, Thank you for your suggestion. I did try that - to disable the mobile option in the theme section. What you are saying makes total sense actually. Now, this is the way it is (disabled). But when I try on phones my blackberry actually seems to fetch the www.mobile.mysite.com version. Is that normal? Or should I just request the www.mysite.com ? On Iphones, it just thinks and thinks and does not pull out anything at all. I noticed that the requested URL that is being denied on the blackberry is the www.mobile.mysite.com. Since I really don't understand how this is supposed to work, it's hard for me to know how to troubleshoot this. I really appreciate the support. Sandra
  10. Hi Bellini13, Can I just leave the old one that I have - it's the 1.2.6 ? For now, it seems to work fine. Or do you think that the Paypal Europe might solve some of my issues with the recording of the orders ? Thanks for taking the time to make all these suggestions
  11. Thank you so much for the detailed info. I have version 1.5.6 of Prestashop so I see the mobile theme in the default folder. I'm not even sure it would work though as the site does not appear at all right now - it does not load. I don't see anything pulling up when I try to open the site up - only on phones, like I said earlier it works on tablets. I get a blank "thinking" page on Iphone and an error message that "The URL could not be retrieved" on Blackberry. Maybe it's an access issue ? As I'm hardly an expert at these things, I can't begin to speculate
  12. Thank you for your answers ! And you are right : there is no separate theme folder in my theme and I can really see where something would easily go wrong this way. If I ever find a solution to this, I will update this post. Thanks again - you guys are great taking the time to respond to our questions so diligently.
  13. Thank you so much for your answer Bellini 13, I undid the upgrade for the Paypal module for now. It was also adding a voucher box in the order confirmation page and also did not consider the second voucher when two vouchers were added in the cart. (It was only calculating one of them). Also, before the upgrade, I was having issues with Prestashop not recording orders properly: I.e I would receive the payment from Paypal, the IPN was sent (when I looked in Paypal account) and transaction was completed on their end. Except in the back store, no orders were created, it was still showing as a cart. (Same problem in the front where the client would not have an order, plus no confirmation e-mail to client etc...). This would happen 30% of the time. After this upgrade, the couple of tests I made showed the same behaviour. So honestly, I am kind of scared of this happening right now. Sandra
  14. Hi everyone, I really need some help here ! I just updated the Paypal Canada USA module from 1.2.6 to 1.2.7. Here's what's going on: when the client needs to pay taxes they are double counted in the Paypal window. Instead of appearing without taxes and then having a separate line for the total tax, it shows as product WITH tax, shipping WITH tax AND then ANOTHER line of taxes (for the total tax). Which ends up double counting taxes. I guess somehow, the information is not transmitted properly from the website to Paypal. Can someone please help - this is a really bad problem. Thanks in advance.
  15. For me, the mail alerts module seemed to actually be the problem as it interfered with Paypal once an order was made. Do you have other modules installed whose function could interfere? Some other member reported the Ebay module as a problem. If you do have it, try to disable it and test. Sorry but that's all I came across. Good luck.
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