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  1. Hi, this is different error than the one in the thread and my solution will not work. Please start a new thread, somebody will help you for sure.
  2. You probably followed this tutorial https://blog.prestatuts.com/prestashop-1-7-display-language-flags/ so here: /themes/YOUR_THEME/modules/ps_languageselector/ps_languageselector.tpl
  3. Just delete this: alt="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['language']->value['iso_code'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');?> " Something is wrong with the iso_code variable
  4. Hello, I am using and I discovered a bug with unit price not being converted to the current currency. Each product on my site has two options: 1 piece or 12 pieces (box). The unit price for a piece in a box is calculated as box price minus value. Example: 1 piece costs 10 euros. Unit price is 10 euros. Box of 12 pieces costs 110 euros. Unit price is 9.167 euros. I enter it in the admin as impact on unit price as 110 euros - 100,833 euros to get the right price. So far so good. When the customer change the currency, he/she gets the right price for a 1 piece product and for 1 piece unit price. But the unit price for box is incorrect. Instead of converting the value 100,833 euros and deducting it from box price to get unit price, it deducts 100,833 of any other currency from the box price. I think the issue might lay in ProductController.php, there is nothing about currency conversion for unit price, but I miss the knowledge to go any further. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. // SOLVED There is embedded faceted filter module which has all the setting defaultly disabled in new categories. // Hi, faceted search over category is not showing up for any categories I create (only for default categories). I am attaching how it looks on default category vs. how it looks on every other category. Yes, all the products have two sets of attributes, so faceted search should be showing up. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi, same here. Faceted filter is available only in one category, in others it is simply not visible at all. Any suggestions?
  7. Okay, I discovered the cause. Attributes column in administration disappears when I delete one of languages (Czech and Slovak languages are both installed at one time). When Czech is deleted, attributes column disappear. I strongly suggest solving this in next PS 1.7 release.
  8. Hi, after upgrading to I lost attributes list in admin product page. See screenshot: There is no attributes list being generated to the template, however, attributes are still working fine. Any ideas? Thank you!
  9. Hi, There was an option in PS 1.6 to Enable JqZoom instead of Fancybox on the product page. Now I have PS 1.7 and I need to Disable JqZoom (do the opposite). I searched the forum but did not find the answer for PS 1.7. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I definitely owe you a beer. This was the problem that no one was able to solve. Thank you
  11. Hi, I am having the same problem, reinstall doest not work. Did you find the solution already? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the tip, but that was first what I tried - same result with 1.4.7 and 1.4.8 and for PS v.12 and v.13
  13. Tested in IE, FF and Chrome, different computers too. Everywhere the same error in console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nextQuickInfo' of null. When I commented this line out (1461 in my case), some things changed in interface of the module, but still no success. Also in Version comparison I see only: PrestaShop Original version: undefined Differences between versions: undefined I would suggest that the issue is in this javascript error. Or do you have this error too?
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