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  1. Go to product.js, search for: if (typeof(jqZoomEnabled) != 'undefined' && jqZoomEnabled) And edit values of width and height
  2. Is this still available? Don't hesitate to contact me. Low hourly rates and good portfolio.
  3. This is not fixed. You have to do a modification, I haven't found yet, in AdminCategories.php and escape the html tags in the description column. Sorry for not posting in french but I am not a french speaker.
  4. chiar e nevoie sa scrieti in topic`uri vechi de un an? de atunci prestashop are optiune de upload
  5. because I deleted it after the fresh install because, well, I don't need it. Tried adding it again, but only have options for Name and Discount, added a group with Name: Default and discount 0%, then assigned a category to it, but it didn't work
  6. I have a tiny problem with those user groups.. I get error that I cannot access the category, even if the category is not owned by any group (I have no groups added). Same error for guests and members. If this option is not yet fully implemented, please add an option to disable it,
  7. in css, apai de acolo te descurci
  8. Title says it all, how can I do that? tried addiing in AdminOrders.php at line 530 ('.$product['reduction_price'].') not working Any other ideas? Or how can I see if a product has price reduced or not on the order detail page. (make it bold if price is reduced) EDIT: Adding the line below instead of the first code seems to move something. a big 0 appears in brackets ('.Tools::displayPrice($discount['value'], $currency, false).')
  9. pai si ai in folderul img imaginea cu numele 6-12489.jpg sau 12489-6.jpg (nu mai stiu care le e ordinea de formare a numelui)?
  10. in phpmyadmin, in tabela ps_image ce vezi?
  11. pai pune cu 16,161, ca si daca ai avea 2 poze tot cu virgula intre ele le`ai pune...
  12. pai acolo ti`e problema, ia pune la categorie in loc de nume: 16`161 (ciudat nume apropo), pune id-ul categoriei ca merge si asa
  13. da, dar tot apar probleme, ca un produs sa nu mai fie pe stoc la producator, sau clientul sa sune dupa ce face comanda sa vrea mai multe bucati dintr-un produs (la presta poti numa scade numaru produselor in admin), sau diferite situatii in care proforma nu o sa fie identica cu fiscala, lucru pe care apoi clientul il poate contesta si esti ars
  14. se pare ca ai o problema cu numele categoriei.
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