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  1. With a Business to Business shop you may want to "authorize" customers before they get access to wholesale pricing. By doing so, it appears to remove Prestashop ability to automatically send any welcome email. What I'm looking for is the code for a " Send Welcome Email " button in my customer view.tpl file. Can anyone help? (A snippet of code from the view.tpl) <span style="font-size: 14px;"> {$customer->firstname} {$customer->lastname} </span> <img src="{$gender_image}" style="margin-bottom: 5px" /> <input type="submit" value=" Send Welcome Email "/><br />
  2. Sorry I don't know if it's part of 1.5.6 - you can easily see if it is by comparing the # of lines of code in the file (I would think) - I always make a back-up of any current file I am replacing. I'm not an expert so this is just a suggestion.
  3. I was having the same issue until I used the newer version of tools.php - did you get that file?
  4. Hi sgazeri, I was able to finally figure out what the issue was in my case, the server kept timing out. I had to lower the number of products I was importing. So I did 50 at a time and it worked. I'm not sure if this will help you. Check the URL to your images.
  5. Is this solution for an older Prestashop version? I just tried this solution on a and it did not work. I couldn't find "customer.php" so I created it and uploaded it to the classes folder. Can you confirm (please). Do I need to reconstruct as a folder (called customer) with this code as it's index file?
  6. Thanks but I want to show the retail prices, but not allow them to add to cart - just want them to find their "nearest" retailer to purchase from them directly. I am playing with this: (in Presta 1.5xx) product.tpl I hope it works: {if $logged}<p id="add_to_cart" {if (!$allow_oosp && $product->quantity <= 0) OR !$product->available_for_order OR (isset($restricted_country_mode) AND $restricted_country_mode) OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE}style="display:none"{/if} class="buttons_bottom_block"> <span></span> <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="{l s='Add to cart'}" class="exclusive" /> </p{/if} So far so good for testing.
  7. This question hasn't been answered. I saw another post ( http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/85872-solved-hide-add-to-cart-button-until-logged-in/ ) but this doesn't work for 1.5 - Unless I'm missing something - For B2B shops that only want to display retail prices with no add-to-cart ability unless they are wholesale customers. Can anyone help with this?
  8. I have the same problem. I would like to map a link directly to a category AND NOT a single product but this image mapper doesn't want to allow that. It seems to only map to specific products. Having a nice image on the homepage is great and mapping it to categories makes more sense than directly to products.
  9. I am able to upload the csv file. I keep getting a Server error. Checked the logs, I keep seeing this: " [Mon Nov 04 17:00:31 2013] [notice] cannot use a full URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring! "
  10. This is marked as SOLVED, but I used the latest version of tools.php and it did not work. Am I missing something?
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