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  1. Undefined index: PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPPINGAMT (/home/incontis/domains/llmedico.com/public_html/modules/paypal/paypal_orders.php, line 70) Hi Guys, I also encountered the above error right now. I'm using the latest version of paypal module which is 3.6.1. Anyone can help me to fix it? Thank you very much for your time!
  2. Hi guys, I have a same issue. I want to remove/hide ID column from catalog page in back-end. Can anyone here help me? Thanks!
  3. hi rocky, I want to use this but how can I get its parameters e.g. $id_manufacturer? Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi xavixaus, thanks for your help but I have another problem in layered navigation module. I want to change color filter into checkbox. Filtering still works but when I uncheck it, it doesn't remove or untick the checkbox so the results are always the same. Note: even I set color filter on my template as checkbox it still a button that's why I have to modify blocklayered.tpl. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi, can anyone here help me implementing layered navigation in my cms page that shows all products? I think this module only appears on category and product pages. Thanks!
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