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  1. Hi friends! I upgraded from 1.5.5 to All seems to work flowling apart from this issue of the Tinymce not working corretly in modules which need the use of a text editor. the editor shows only the html version (sourc code) not the visul. please see the 2 attached images to know it. I am not using the default theme. Thank you in advance. Cheers
  2. Hi there maybe my problem is different, but it is the same: (there is not spinning) when I click on save or save and stay, nothing happen abd the button stays grey! P.S: if I click on the button "cancel' it works fine! the problem is only with save and save and stay! any help! Itried the 1st option, nothing happened, I don't have the second
  3. nope still waiting:) I didn't understand how to make foreach loop:) am not such an expert so if you know how to do that, plz help:)
  4. this solution worked for the 1.4 try it then http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/131655-ver-1441-disable-the-order-confirmation-email/ please make a backup first to any file u r going to edit!
  5. I am not using the PS 1.6 but in 1.5 there is the option in BO->orders-invoices->invoices options where you can activate or desactivate the invoices! try that!
  6. No way! the earth is round! u r joking aren't you? they taguht us at shool that it is flat:) otherwise people will fall into the deep space:)
  7. if you know a little bit of coding look here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/231930-default-country-not-selected-on-customer-registration/?p=1444162
  8. i will explain: in the root of your site (where prestashop is installed) you ahve many folders like admins, modules, classes, download... themes etc...and mails.... in that folder mails in the root of your site there is the default mails. if you go to root-of-your-site/themes/your-theme/ then you will find the folder mails too. BUT it may not be similar to the one in the root of your site! this is what I mean:) Cheers
  9. as i told you before check which mail folder are using the one of your root or theme root. plus try vekia's suggestion. for me it worked fine. there are other few things to do like clear cache, regenerate thumbnails which may solve the problem. good luck
  10. yes the question for you. the files that you are trying to edit to delete the logo...
  11. excuse my stupid question:) but how do you edit? is it directly from the mails forlder or from your BO?
  12. je ne suis pas un expert en php ou programming:) mais bon j'ai remarqué que vous avez title avant le add news et les autres sont label! une autre chose! peut etre ajouter une actualité est trop long! essayer de mettre un seul mot pour voir:)
  13. when you delete the cache, don't do that manually! go to your BO advanced parameters-performances and then click on delete smarty cache plys clear your browser cache and see what happens! good luck
  14. ca peut etre debile, mais vous avez add news en miniscule dans votre code et en majuscule dans le module.
  15. dans PS, les texte a traduit sont toujours comme ça {l s='votre-texte'} et si votre module fonctionne correctement vous devais avoir les textes à traduit dans le volet traduction des modules installés! un capture d’écran ou un lien peut aider:)
  16. ah, peut etre tu traduit dans la mauvaise template? et fais un delete cache:)
  17. ce parceque dans la base de donnée mnt votre boutique est sur le www.votresite.com/ et non pas dans /boutique! donc soit vous reuploader vos fichier dans la racine et nous faire part de l'erreur! ou bien allez sur votre base de donée et changer l'url de votre boutique et si ça refonctionne sur le /boutique. ensuite on trouvera le moyen de le faire fonctionner sur vtre racine
  18. newproducts as far as i know is a module? so you might had edited it and then made some errors! if you have the new_products page in your seo&url delete it. then create a new one, and in the page look in the pages by default! if you don't find it, then you check your modules files to see if something missing!
  19. ok pour comprendre mieux votre situation: vous aviez votre serveur, et dans le www/ vous avez creé un dossier nommé "Boutique", et dans ce dossier vous avez uploader les fichier de PS, et vous avez fait l'installation. ensuite apres les testes, vous avez voulu de sorte que les dossiers qui existent dans "Boutique" soient toutes transferer a la racine de votre site? c.a.d de www.votresite.com/boutique à www.votresite.com/? mais la tu n'a rien? malgré que vous avez changer le domaine dans votre BO dans preferences-SEO&URL? esq vous pouvez confirmer que vous avez bien changer du www.votresite.com/boutique à www.votresite.com/, et pour verifier vous pouvez allez dans votre base de doonée et verifier! car la solution depend de ces infos. merci
  20. you find the homefeatured.css in the root of your website in the folder "modules" then in homefeatured module folder. in case that is not there then look into themes/your-theme/modules/homefeatured.
  21. there is the default template for mails in the folder "mails" that exists in the root of your site or the root of your theme. so if you use the default edit that one if you use the template go and see if the mails files of the template are possibleto be edited. another solution may be to not include the logo in the invoices by going to you BO-preferences-themes-theme appearance- then delete the logo in the invoices logo . hope this will help a little
  22. first let me understand something! you want to create a cms page or a seo&url page! because if it is a cms page there is no need to go there for the seo&url? can you explain to me more if you don't mind! plus can you provide a link so we can test and see! thank you.
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