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  1. The ordered list <ol><li>markup is located in order-opc.js lines 495 and 590 so at least I can now target some new styles to the notifications. Still don't know where the bulk of the actual messages are generated though. It woud be very handy to change both the format and text of these notifications. The english lanquage used is incorrect, words are compounded (e.g 'first name' becomes 'firstname') and the messages, in the form of an order, come across as plain rude. For example I would like to change the error messge 'lastname is required' to 'Please include your last name'. I may seem trivial but abandoned shopping carts at the checkout stage are always a real problem and changing the error messages so they are polite, easy to understand and gramatically correct will go a long way in resolving this.
  2. I found that the heading for the error notification is amongst the javascript in order-opc.tpl line 68. 'There is X error(s)'. The text for some of the various error notifications themselves can be found in controllers/AuthController.php around line 277 and again at line 414. I cannot locate messages for lastname, firstname, email, address(1) and city or the HTML markup for the ordered list etc.
  3. Hi, The markup for most error messages generated by prestashop is located in the file theme_name/errors.tpl. However the error notifications in the one page checkout are located elsewhere. Does anyone know where? Thanks in advance, Grumpy.
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