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  1. You are right Vekia, the images are too big by 50%. Don't know why but all the images I had to reduce by 40 to 50 % for the module to look right (through the BO). Thanks for the help.
  2. It's 1.6 and I have made a 3 column page. I have hooked the Specials module in the right column and it works fine. It's the image that pops up in the center column when I select VIEW (below Add to cart button). It's the same image as seen in the product grid (girl in dress) it's just a larger image and my first image above shows. How do I close the image?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have 1.6. I do see what you posted, however that's not it. On the homepage I have the Specials module and if you click on one of the items listed all the specials show in the center column. There is a link named VIEW (under add to cart) for each item and if you click it an image opens of the product. This is the image that has no CLOSE (there is a button that says MAXIMIZE). How do you close the image?
  4. How do I close the image viewer when selected in the Specials or New Products module. There is no CLOSE or X on the image block to use.
  5. Let me confirm, if I wanted to customize a class in a module, say blockcms.php in the \my_store\modules\blockcms\ module folder I would move the blockcms.php to the overridemanager/override/classes folder and then I can make changes the file? Thank you for your time. I write PHP, Java, HTML etc but am new to the Prestashop setup. Seen soooo many web tut's that are wrong it spins my head.
  6. Thank you for this module, I was looking for something like this. However, I can't get it to display the override files. I have PS 1.5 1. The module (.zip) installed fine and shows in the module bar and will open. 2. No overrides are shown 3. I have copied and or moved completely an override module (or any module) into the \my_store\modules\overridemanager\override\ folder and renamed the one under the \my_store\modules\ folder. 4. The override does not show in the override manager or now on my webpage. 5. I have also zipped the override manager folder with the new overrides and reinstalled into Prestashop, still does not work. 5. Can you please show a folder diagram on where the override files are to be.
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