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  1. Hello apologies. The prestashop support page wouldn't let me upload a docx document. I have saved it as a GIF file and retried uploading. I've also tried to embed the attachement here Can you see it now? Many thanks Nitasha
  2. Good day I wish to add a contact number and email address onto the header page of my website. Similar to the request listed in http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/308922-solved-how-to-put-the-phone-in-the-header-text-or-image/?do=findComment&comment=1563240. I have followed the instructions detailed in that thread but it does not work. Instead the code syntax is displayed on the website underneath my top vertical menu as shown in the attached document. This was the original instruction "use this code in free html block module: <div style="font-size:20px; position:absolute; top: 30px; left: 250px;">phone: +48 1234567890</div> on module configuration page select "Top" section. then go to modules > positions tab and move it befor the block user info module on modules list named displayTop (not displayHeader!)" Please can someone explain the following line to me "then go to modules > positions tab and move it befor the block user info module on modules list named displayTop (not displayHeader!)" as I believe I have implemented that incorrectly. Many thanks Nitasha Doc1.doc
  3. Hello. Hmm it looks fine on my screen. What browser are you using? I'm using google. I also checked before that it was fine in IE and Firefox. This is how it looks on my screen. Doc1.doc
  4. hello ok I did that. I now get the following error "Fatal error: Class 'PrestaShopLogger' not found in /home3/soulspar/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php on line 1839" I checked in the classes section. I do not have any code for the PrestaShopLogger class so do not have that class compiled. Where can I find that code or class? Thank you Nitasha
  5. Hello all I've recently created a prestashop site called www.soulsparks.co.za I would appreciate any user feedback or comments. Kind regards Nitasha
  6. Hello Thank you for responding. I have prestashop version 1.5.6 It is a fresh version in that it was installed last november. However I have updated some of the prestashop modules as and when they became available for updating via the back office. Do you think it would be best for me to upgrade to prestashop 1.6? Perhaps that might fix this issue / restore whatever file is missing or incorrect? Thank you for your assistance. Nitasha
  7. Hi there After adding or modifying a product I get a blank screen. Pressing refresh or F5 returns me to the product page. After turning on the error log I get the following error message "Fatal error: Call to undefined method Logger::addLog() in /home3/soulspar/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php on line 1839" I haven't changed my logger file or added any other changes that i can recall. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? It just suddenly started happening. Thank you Nitasha
  8. Hi Dave Ah I didn't realise that. Guess the "Marked Solved" button is a little counter intuitive. Thanks for the heads-up. Nitasha
  9. Hi The answers are *blush* pretty straightforward once you read the manual/play around with the system. For question 1 - I just set the display property to NO for each category that I wanted hidden on the left hand menu, but available as a menu option on the top horizontal block. Of course I had also setup that category to be displayed on the top horizontal menu. For question 2 - I just created the additional CMS pages (e.g. what's on) and added them to the top horizontal menu in the relevant position. So I just had to do a little reading/digging:)
  10. Hi Dave Thanks for responding. Unfortunately that wasn't the issue as I have tried opening it numerous times with all the different options. Both logged into addons and unlogged. I just had a break through though after I tried opening the back end in fire fox. It still gave me the same issue but must have re-set something. As I then re-tried it on google chrome side. I am now able to see the modules. I know that sounds lame and like something a test user would say:) But hey it NOW works. And NO I did not change anything else. Thanks for responding though:)
  11. Hi please can someone help with this really frustrating issue. I am unable to view/open a module from the Module-->Categories page. If I like on a category e.g. "Front office features", I keep getting the following message "No modules available in this section". I have to manually search for the module, click on the found item and then it opens. This is really pain staking and inefficient as I don't want modules are available and prestashops modules are not always named according to functionality. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter. Below is a screenshot of the message. Kind regards Nitasha
  12. Hello I am new to prestashop, so apologies in advance if there's an obvious answer to my questions. I'm thinking i should have stuck with the default template before buying a new one:) I have downloaded theme676. My website is www.soulsparks.co.za/prestashop. I have the below queries. 1. How do you remove an item from this main menu without deleting it ? That is how do you no longer display the item on the main menu without deleting it from the category section? 2. I want to have an "About Us", "Whats On" and other static pages on my main menu (top horizontal menu). However prestashop marks each item on my main menu as a category. Is there any way to just have it as an option on the main menu (that opens a static webpage)? Or must it be a category? Thank you Nitasha
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