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  1. My opinion is the makers of prestashop should facilitate a fix unless they want this pile of a shopping cart to die slowly. All these issues and not one expert with a fix.... what a joke!!! Just to recap, recommendations thus far are: -Switch from North American module to European module if you live in North America -Edit code in module -Remove module and re-install -Check with Paypal that you are not appling tax on Paypals side AND Prestashop Additionally confirmations are not being sent to the seller? JUST RIDICULOUS... NOT MUCH OF A PRODUCT IF IT DOESN'T FUNCTION AS A SHOPPING CART!!!! Never will I do a clients site in Prestashop again. Never in a thousand years - This is an antiquated non-moderated mess!!!
  2. +1 What a simple issue with no solution, like every other issue in PrestaShop. First and Last client who ever recommends this pile to us again! This might help. But I doubt it. Please fire all your coders prestashop! http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Understanding+Local+Settings
  3. Bill Dalton... Your a real Canadian Hero!!! However this method is not inserting the tax into the cart at all. I have setup this exactly as you have shown above. Total (tax excl.) line in the cart shows nothing!!! +1
  4. Has this plugin been resolved? Is there one post which has the all the code required for the fix, instead of piecing together multiple threads? Whats the chance this module will just be fixed so we don't have to waste our time with this type of issue? Seems everywhere I turn with this product (Prestashop) there is some sort of stupid issue happening.... -A rant is not a rant if it's true
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