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  1. I'm having problem tracking conversion with Website Payments Pro. I have my tracking code on the payment confirmation page, but users often do not come back from PayPal to this page. After a payment PayPal displays a "thank you" page which has a link to the shop. PayPal automatically redirects to the shop after 10 seconds, but it seems most of the users do not bother to wait that long and they close the browser without waiting. I'm getting the sale, but the no conversion tracking. How have you solved that in your shops?
  2. In plain English: you either need to * upgrage your shop to latest version ( if you are on Prestashop 1.5) or latest if you are on Prestashop 1.6. * manually download and upgrade paypal module from addons site * modify the code of module you have to use tls (as described in post I linked to earlier). That's not a good long term solution. In my opinion all of this operations should be done by someone who knows what he is doing. Upgrade can be run from back office, but things can go wrong and recovery may be hard. Also if you customized anything in the shop you may need to redo the customization. Manual update of the module *should* work from Back Office as well and it is safer, but things still can go wrong. Test server - if you run your shop you should have a second copy to try new things there. Such test server must not be accessible by customers - it's just for you to try things before you do them on your production server (the server for customers). If have few options, none of them is ideal, sorry. I guess the best way would be to pay someone who will take responsibility. Otherwise make a full backup (and make sure it is safe) and try to update the module.
  3. I guess this means we all use not latest minor revisions of prestashop. I updated my test server to latest in 1.5 stream then the paypal module has been updated to 3.8 automatically. So I have two options - upgrade maintenance release of whole shop and fight regressions or manually upgrade the module by downloading it from addons site.
  4. I'm in UK as well. See this thread. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/380185-paypal-modification-ssl-v3-to-tls/?hl=%2Bpaypal&do=findComment&comment=1870918 We may need to update the module manually (ouch!).
  5. I use SQL for that. In Advanced Parameters -> SQL Manager define new query: select c.id_customer, c.firstname, c.lastname, a.address1, a.address2, a.postcode, a.city,a.postcode, a.phone from ps_customer c, ps_address a where c.id_customer=a.id_customer and a.phone='xxx' Replace xxx with the number you want and execute. Not the most convenient, but it works.
  6. We had problems will all css, including global css where we changed a background of the page. So we have two issues: * some css are not included in CCC * even the css that are included are cached Is there something I could try?
  7. My shop is http://www.harryfay.co.uk/ Thank you for any suggestions!
  8. When we upload a change in CSS it is not visible on browsers that has seen our page before - our old CSS is used instead. We need to force full page reload (ctrl-f5 in chrome). This happens in Chrome, Firefox and on mobiles. Disabling Smart Cache for CSS, recompiling smarty cache etc doesn't make a difference. How can I force CSS reload after making changes?
  9. I moved to http://www.heartinternet.co.uk/ due to stability, recommendation from PC Pro magazine and really good support for .co.uk domains.
  10. Update: we have moved out from OVH. There were two major outages in less than two months and the only way to get a response was to ask a public question on twitter - they took long time to reply to tickets. I've very disappointed.
  11. Maxime, Thank you for your answer. Memory usage on my private mysql stabilized around 102MB (out of 128MB) with my pretty small shop, which seems to confirm this configuration as a viable option. Thank you!
  12. Torbz, You are absolutely right about the price - the slider doesn't make sense here. You are also next person saying the products are cheap. This is not the effect we had in mind - the products are hand made by real jeweller and are rather high quality - manual stone setting, manual polishing, the works. We wanted them to be inexpensive, but not cheap. I'll work on my pricing, thank you! Great stuff, Thank you for your feedback!
  13. Hi, I've used information I found on this forum to create my data feed to shopzilla, so I though I will share my solution. You will need to make some manual changes to following hardcoded values: category mapping is done in case section - you can add as many when lines as you need. The category numbers are defined in shopzilla integration manual. in both product and image url you need to change yourshop to base url of your shop. Adjust id_lang in where statement to change the language of the export. quantity in stock is hardcoded to 1000 shipping cost and bid are empty, because shopzilla suggests setting those parameters by the admin panel, not the feed itself. The resulting feed works fine with SEO optimized urls. Save results as csv separated by tab (\t) removing line breaks and without quoting around fields - the documentation states different options, but this is the only one that actually was accepted. SELECT case when cat.name like 'Earrings' then '14138' when cat.name like 'Bracelets' then '14135' else '14157' end as Category, m.name AS Manufacturer, pl.name AS Title, replace(pl.description,'\n','<br/>') AS 'Product Description', concat('http://yourshop/',cat.link_rewrite,'/',cast(p.id_product as char),'-',pl.link_rewrite,'.html') as Link, concat('http://yourshop/',cast(img.id_image as char),'-thickbox_default/',cast(img.id_image as char),'.jpg') as Image, concat(m.name,'_',cast(p.id_product as char)) as SKU, '1000' as Stock, 'New' AS 'Condition', p.weight AS 'Shipping Weight', '' as 'Shipping Cost', '' as Bid, '9 14' as 'Promotional Description', '' as 'EAN / UPC', p.price as Price FROM ps_product p INNER JOIN ps_product_lang pl ON p.id_product = pl.id_product LEFT JOIN ps_manufacturer m ON p.id_manufacturer = m.id_manufacturer LEFT JOIN ps_image img on p.id_product = img.id_product LEFT JOIN ps_category_lang cat on p.id_category_default = cat.id_category where img.position=1 and pl.id_lang=1 and cat.id_lang=1 and p.active=1 I hope that helps someone.
  14. Good reminder, thanks. I think I will focus now on getting more customers to put some real stress on the server. The fastest server doesn't sell if no one is using it
  15. Thank you. At the moment the page is performing very well - ~700ms to for main page, ~1.25s for a category page. Does it make sense to try to optimize it even more? My original question was about MySQL server - OVH offers separate private MySQL, which has no connection limit and guaranteed resources, but a hard memory limit of 128MB. With default settings this private MySQL works fine for me - current MySQL memory usage is 96MB. Btw: OVH is listed as a Prestashop partner. It would be great if they shared more information about suggested configuration.
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