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  1. Finally i found the solution through a context variable, $this->context->cookie->__set('proyecto',$_SESSION['blablabla']['proyecto']); Then in PaymentModule.php: $products_list .= '<tr style="background-color: '.($key % 2 ? '#DDE2E6' : '#EBECEE').';"> <td style="padding: 0.6em 0.4em;width: 15%;">'.Context::getContext()->cookie->proyecto.'</td> Thanks!
  2. I have a module to customize productos, and all is working over the backoffice, but i need to show this field value into the email order confirmation. I try to modify the OrderDetail class with no success and too trying to edit the PaymentModule but the field is not appearing inside the order object, because i did try to find with this sentence but there is not my field: public function hookActionValidateOrder($params) { session_start(); $id_order = intval($order = $params['order']->id); // now save the session values..... foreach($_SESSION as $data => $datavalue) { if($data == 'product_sessionkey') { foreach($datavalue as $prd_id => $key_value) { $arr = explode('-',$prd_id); $productid = $arr[0]; $product_attribute_id = $arr[1]; $product_proyecto = $_SESSION['blablabla']['proyecto']; $product_serial = $_SESSION['blablabla']['serial']; $upSq_ = "update "._DB_PREFIX_."order_detail Set designer_session_id = '" .$product_serial."', url_pdf = '" .$product_proyecto."' where product_id = ".$productid ." and product_attribute_id = ".$product_attribute_id ." and id_order =".$id_order ; $resultData = Db::getInstance()->execute($upSq_); $details = $params['order']; echo "<pre>"; print_r($details); echo "<pre>"; } } } die(); Please help, and thank you for your time. Regards fix!
  3. Thanks for your answer, i want to save the value into the table after add product to the cart. How can convert the traditional $_SESSION into a Prestashop variable? Regards
  4. Hello, i have a custom SESSION var, that i want to save into the cart_product table, you know where is the insert instruction to impact this table? Hola tengo una variable de sesion que quiero guardar en la tabla cart_product, ustedes saben en que archivo está la instrucción que impacta dicha tabla? Gracias!
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