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  1. Hello, when i enter basic price and save it's not visible on the front. Please check and try kg,liter and other. thank you in advance. Jimmy
  2. Boost your sales by stimulating customer interest and urgency. Trigger purchases with sold items of product popularity with this nice module : Link to addons store
  3. hello, i have an issue after upgrade, the product images, names, prices are not loading by default so i have to click on the new products button to show them... i mean the block on the homepage (new products module) anyone with same issue or a solution? thank you in advance
  4. Hello, checkout our module which helps you create some javascript code which will run in Prestashop. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/30975-custom-javascript-js.html?pab=1& Custom Javascript - Module
  5. Hello, check out our Back to Top module on PrestaShop Addons store : Back to top module Best wishes, Dzemal
  6. Hello, just to present you a module which will hooks on product pages which contain a manufacturer. Link to module on Addons Store This nice looking and responsive module has been validated on Prestashop store and is fully functional for the job. The module displays a manufacturer image with a backlink for specific manufacturer which is a great option for SEO (backlinking) and it improves navigation and search for specific products for the manufacturer. Best wishes checking it out, Dzemal
  7. Hello, here is a link to an official Prestashop Addon : Link to module This nice module displays brand logos that are present in the store. It also links back to the specific manufacturer. Fully responsive with optional features like autoplay, lazy load and more. Feel free to check out. Best wishes, Dzemal
  8. Hello, just want to present a nice module which is available at the PrestaShop store : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/30868-auto-product-status-switcher.html?pab=1& Link to Module on Addons Store This nice module automaticly adjust the product status (turns the product on or off) depending on quantities. So if you're looking for something similar feel free to checkout. Best wishes, Dzemal
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