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  1. Hello i am searching a solution for a top menu problem in version. I need (and not only me) when a top menu link has subcategorie by clicking the menu (or rollover it) to open the submenu and not to open the menu categorie. I am talking only for the top menu links that has submenu and not for this that has not. The problem is that users always press the first top menu link and they are not waiting submenu to open.
  2. Hello i dont know if i am in the right place to add the post but i have a similar problem with the top menu. The only thing i want is to disable links of the top menu categories, In every button that has sub menu. I thing in 1.5 it was like this. For example on the top menu i have men, women, kids, about us . The first 3 buttons have the subcategories men shoes men clothes for the second women shoes women clothes for kids the same and about us has no submenu. It is very critical for me to disable the top links for the first 3 buttons. I just want when you push the button or you roll over it to just open the sub menu. Because all the users pressing the first button and never go to the sub menu. I hope i am clear with question.
  3. My friend. I searched a lot and there is no standar solutiion. The layered navigation create many problems. In order to avoid some of them (it is not sure) try to do the following steps. 1) Change file permissions as described above. 2) Update to the last block layered version (the module). Before update first disable the module. 3) clear the cashe of the system. Waiting for the results. Unfortunately 1.6 have a lot of problems yet. The only people that i found without problems are they that updated from 1.5 versions and not new istallations. Good luck and tell us the results.
  4. Interesting, i didnt know that. So if i want to have image on top menu i have to create also sub-categories. Because in main categories i tried and i can not load image on top menu. Is this true?
  5. No the regeneration is not fixed. I can not reindex block layered. Still searching for solution. It just fixed somehow the pagination with changing the permissions from the server side like mentioned. Disable module. Change permissions to 755 and 644 after enable the module again. I hope it will fixed if pagination is your problem.
  6. Hi all. In my prestashop The price lower first not working for all products. All products has specific price. For a reason some work and some other not. In this category http://www.urbanfashion.gr/29/vermoudes#/ if you press "τιμή χαμηλότερη πρώτα" Price lower first. You can see the first 3-4 products are those with lower price. But in the last page there are products that has to be in the first page. Any help?
  7. Hello. i need help. In BO i can not reposition a product, if first i will not disable it. The Current setuation when i reposition a product is the following. Disable the product....make the reposition (re order) and enable again. Otherwise it seems that reposisioned and after refresh the product is again in the previous position inside the category. Any solution?
  8. Thanks AMFD . I thing that you describe the best solution for anyone who want to change the mobile version. Its better to change the css for responsiveness than to disable it. Its litle difficult for someone who dont know css but its good. I ll try to change some things AMFD and i will come back to describe the changes for anyone who want to correct the bugs of mobile version layout.
  9. AMFD one of the basic reasons that I install was the responsiveness. But it has to work fine in order to keep. You can see menu and feauters in one line ? Strange for me both menu and and feauters change line and leave big empty species..
  10. Hello vekia. You say it is responsive and is the same design everywhere. If you will see my site www.urbanfashion.gr from tablët (mine is 9.7 inches)... You will get broke menu and broken featured products. For that reason i want to disable tablet version too.. Is there any easy way?
  11. I use both chrome and firefox. Both of them browsers log me out after a litle ... i dont know the exact time because i understand it only after refresh. I suppose about 2-3 minutes. This is what i have Automatically check for module updates Ναί 'Οχι Check the cookie's IP address Ναί 'Οχι Lifetime of Front Office cookies Lifetime of Back Office cookies
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