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  1. should called myself "idiot" did forgot to clean cache as well as smarty.....works perfectlly....
  2. Hi got a problem, currently use a template which uses a TM Categories module (installed on PS and there is some "co-operation" problem. Currently Categories block is hooked to a Left column block as well as hooked in Header of pages. TM Categories -displays a block with drop down menu regarding to all aviable categories- but there is one trouble: I don't want to display nowhere on page Categories(as a block) (not left or right side of page as well as not at any other page) as i wish to use just TM Categories option to choose a category to display - but this option is not working as i had to remove all hooks connected to a Categories block and TM Categories is unable to switch between any categories which are already on site.Someone had solution for this ?
  3. I found out that LT translation for PS 1.4.9 is like "92%-ready" but....isn't! Is there anyone,who have a good LT translation which will be almost "finished"?
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