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  1. Increased to 166x166 and regenerated. Did not change...
  2. I don't think this is an issue with the actual cross selling module. It happens with the module disabled. Here is a better screen shot:
  3. More Info: The pics are only blurry when you add a product to the cart. Images are OK on the bottom of the product page. http://SimplCig.com
  4. SimplCig.com http://SimplCig.com for easier access...
  5. Yes and no right column defaultbootstrap theme
  6. It actually bumps the + plus sign to the next line but same issue...
  7. When you add a product to your cart you are presented with other products that other people have purchased. The pictures are blurry. They say they are 166 x166 Happens on multiple browsers. Screen Shot:
  8. Overall, is great! It fixed a couple of nagging problems that were driving me crazy. There are a few small new issues however: First, if you click on any product the Quantity + - section isn't aligned properly which bumps the - (minus) sign to the next line. This is happening on multiple browsers. Here is a screen shot:
  9. Is no one able to help me with this? What can I do now?
  10. Is there a safe way to remove the Avail. column in the screen shot above?
  11. I am assuming that this code in shopping-cart.tpl should be keeping the Avail. field off the cart since I have stock management turned off: {if $PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT} <th class="cart_avail item">{l s='Avail.'}</th> Can someone help please?
  12. I am seeing a missing Avail. column on the payment screen and the rest of the columns are shifted. Please advise. Screen Shot:
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