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  1. when click on "Use Tiny MCE editor" in product edit the link is not working after the upgrade. Anyway to resolve it. Regards
  2. Sorry friend the zip did not contain xcache folder which caused the problem. Added that folder and upload was successful. Presently checking the performance. There are three xtremecache php files in the folder and upon upload it refers to version 1.0.5. which php file is correct.
  3. Hi Downloaded from GitHub, but after uploading the zip file does not appear in backoffice.
  4. Looking is all right but adding spamy emails are not allowed through newsletter popup module for your test.
  5. Patri Please do not use our site for your test purpose.
  6. Hi Pedro It would be indeed a great help if you can provide, so that " Second email reminder for abandoned cart is sent to the buyer " as it will provide more waitage and persuade the buyer to buy. As you said this module can do lot many things. You can also add a functionality like personalized email recommendation depending upon customer purchase behaviour. These functionality with already present ones will make your selling module more attractive hence more sell for you.( as all in one functionality module is not available) Thanks
  7. Hi Perdo It is indeed a great work from you and will definitely help many of the community members but just one question is it possible to add a second email reminder functionality. Thanks
  8. @Enrique Engblom yes you are right will add and check if everything goes fine.
  9. Hi again, Found following error on server log Warning: file_put_contents(/home1/___ /public_html/modules/xtremecache/xcache/a9c9d4a82be732324d6479cdcdb55090.html): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home1/____/public_html/modules/xtremecache/xtremecache.php on line 83 Hope you can provide input.
  10. Hi While uploading the module got following server error as below: 500 Server ErrorA misconfiguration on the server caused a hiccup. Check the server logs, fix the problem, then try again. URL: http://___.com/admin/index.php?controller=AdminModules&conf=8&anchor=Xtremecache&token=6c25cd92fc8beb1d455865108a5e7ab5 Thanks
  11. Hi Thanks for your reply, sorry i did missed post #4 and thank you for the great module but is there a way to add that feature. If yes can you share the code. Thanks
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