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  1. Remember to replace this code with your own website : /START AFFILIATE CODE$JAMIntegrate = file_get_contents("http://www.yourwebsite.com/jam3/sale/amount/".$params['total_to_pay']."/trans_id/".$this->id_order."/tracking_code/".$_COOKIE['jamcom']); //END AFFILIATE CODE jam3 is your affiliate folder name It's still not working on my prestashop. NO SUPPORT AT ALL from JORX I submitted a ticket 3 weeks ago and still didn't have a reply. I submitted a post at the JROX forum, but my question is still under review. So don't waste your time on this software. It's beautiful only if it works. I have spend two weeks working on this software and still NOT WORKING. I consider it as a piece of junk. DO NOT BUY THIS JROX Affiliate software
  2. I found the integration guide here, but i didn't work for me. PLEASE HELP!!! https://jam.jrox.com/kb/article/113/commission-integration-with-prestashop-15.php
  3. I see a few paid affiliate modules. has anybody reviewed them? Who can tell me which one is the best? is there any comparison of the affiliate modules? I have found this affiliate modules Extended Affiliate Program RefPRO Module Post Affiliate Pro Module Affiliate Plus Program Module Agile PrestaShop Affiliate/Referral Module Prestashop Affiliates (from bvk) I also found these affiliate software with monthly fee: tap affiliate Why should I pay $20-$50 per month for this software? I don't see the benefits of it. Isn't this a bit a rip off?
  4. thanks for the module. I installed it, but got error message: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module MCAPI.class: Cannot redeclare class MCAPI i had to remove the entire module from my server. - I'm using version 1.5 - Have mailchimp module, but DISABLED What is the problem? Please help!!!
  5. I don't see how you can create A/B split testing. I was hoping I can create two version of product pages. That is A/B split testing. What am I supposed to do with this module?
  6. i don't understand your question. Are you looking to use wordpress.com or prestashop? Wordpress is a great platform for blogging. Prestashop is the best for an online store.
  7. I downloaded the file (assuming that is the latest one) from the first post. Got the popup error message "Something went Wrong". I thought this problem was already fixed. I'm running version I'm running at https This is what I did: --> I disabled the SSL and logged in as http://www.xxxx.com/admin --> not more "Something went Wrong" But Now receive this error message : syntax error, unexpected end of file in /public_html/modules/extraproducttab/ajax.php on line 1 PROBLEM SOLVED BY another member (see previous forum post):
  8. ok. I installed the module, but where can I add the extra description for each product?
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