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  1. I might have for the moment doing some tests, but it is usually disabled for the images are not that great of quality for a zoom. Unfortunately the fancy box is still not working and i find myself in a bit of a situation does anyone have any suggestions ? i tried to copy the fancybox script from a clean prestashop still no luck, also tried to install clean prestashop on the server, transferred the images and then moved my sql to the new instalation the products and everything was ok there ware images and the fancybox was working however some of the hooks disapeared like my menu and few other things messed up which was too much for me to fix so i rolled back to the current situation where at least only the fancybox doesn't work
  2. Hello i run a yarn shop that is on prestashop however few days weeks ago the script for the product images stopped working. The little magnifying glass at the bottom of the image disappeared and when i click on the photo it opens in new tab instead of fancybox and when i click on combinations it doesn't change the product image. The site url is https://performanceyarn.com/en/ any suggestions are welcome,
  3. I have enabled JqZoom on my site (under construction) however there is a discrepancy in the area zoomPup is hovering and the one that is shown in the zoom window which makes it impossible to see every part of the product. Here is the product in question. I would be grateful of any help http://performance-yarnshop.com/performa/en/home/9-towel-1.html
  4. Is there a way to chose specific related products, for instance i want when i open the product X to see the product Y as related but when i open the product Y there wont be any related products ?
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