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  1. I really like it It's nice and clean! I also like the menu animation! Even once you start bringing in the cash, I wouldn't waste it on a fancy theme, this one works well! This is one of the best free themes i've seen for prestashop! Good luck on your shop!
  2. Hi Aligulbay, Nice design, but my personal opinion, I really do not like the twitter feed. It ruins the homepage, when im scrolling down im expecting to see more products but all i see is empty space due to the twitter feed being to long. I also do not like it on the catogories page, you should replace it maybe with a shopping tool like the layered navigation module to help customers find what they are looking for. The site is a little slow, maybe just due to my connection. One more thing, I do not understand when i click on a product on the homepage, why does it open up in a new tab? Overall clean site!
  3. I know how you feel. I am also having a few problems with my site as I am still waiting for some advice Prestashop sure is learning curve. I have also learned to becareful when you update your shop as that can cause problems with your site, so if everything is working fine, i wouldn't update.
  4. To enable the one-page checkout go to Preferences Orders - on "Order process type" there is a drop down menu click on one-page checkout and click save As I am fairly new to prestashop, I really wouldn't know how to fix the guest checkout. You could probably go on prestashop's main website and download the files, unzip it and replace the checkout pagaes. I'm sure there is a easier way of doing this as maybe someone can be more of a help than I can! On another note, you did a great job on your site!
  5. I too also got the same error when trying to create a customer account. Guest checkout seems to be working good though. My two cents, you should use the 1 page checkout, im pretty exhausted going through so many steps, I would give up on step 3
  6. Hi Vekia, I just got my slider working as of yesturday! I am using a Sequence Slider
  7. Hi guys, I have an issue with SSL certificate. When I go to whynopadlock.com it says i have 1 insecure link, which is under my blocksearch module (blocksearch-top). I found the link, fixed it where it clears the insecure link but my auto fill results for search on my website will not work. This is the link: return "<img src=\"" + baseDir + "img/tmp/" + "product_mini_" + data.id_product + "_1.jpg\" alt=\"" + value + "\" />" + value; I tried to change "<img src=\"" to "<img src=\\"" also tried "<img src=https://"" , "<img src=https://website.com/"" , "<img src="https://website.com" and so many other ways. As i am new to owning a website, i have no idea what i am doing I have to refresh pages such as login/register, cart/checkout to see my padlock. even when the link above is "secure". Also in the admin section, I noticed that when im configuring paypal and firstdata module i also have to refresh the page for the padlock to appear. I'm going crazy , please someone help me! I'm using firefox!
  8. Hi Thranga, Thanks for your feedback! I've actually been working on a new logo and favicon these past few days! I dont really like what i have either No worry, I'm using offerchat, https://www.offerchat.com - its been good so far!
  9. Hi Stottycabanas! Once my slider gets fixed I will work on being less slider crazy The empty green block is for my twitter sliding text, which is not hooked up as of yet! I will remove > from the menu. I wasn't to sure about it, that's why I wanted community feedback! Thank you stottycabanas for your feedback! Really appreciate it!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new to prestashop and I've been working on my site for awhile now, and I think everything is in check. I have fixed many bugs and I am exhausted. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check my site for any unknown bugs, give me your opinions and suggestions on what and how to improve my site! I would also like to note that I only have one slide on my slideshow. Im having problems with it but soon have it fixed. Thanks in advance! I really appreciate your help and support! http://baga-boo.com
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