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  1. PM's sent! Anyone else, post if you want back linked and pm your link and I'll pm my stores link.
  2. We have a lot of folks here with recently opened stores and long established ones. I'd assume many are short on back links. Why not link to each other? Maybe I'm missing something but together we have a lot of potential to connect our stores and help our SEO back link rating. Is it that simple?
  3. I'm using Prestashop and importing via csv. I tried to get fancy and use <br > and <p > in my long descriptions in the csv because the white space gets crunched after import and if I change it in the back office, the next import crunches everything again, leaving no space and not looking too great. The code failed multiple times with /n appearing everywhere and the editor adding <p > coding. So I removed the coding off the csv but now the back office editor interprets all spaces in my csv descriptions as /n instead of a space. I'm really confused by this and can't seem to find an answer to this. Once I removed the coding from the csv, things should have returned to normal....or at least I would assume. CSV copy and pasted.... Tough, versatile, trustworthy and practical, our Lockback knives will quickly become your favorites when you need to get the job done. Blade: Drop Point Blade Closed Length: 3 1/8 inch Steel: Surgical Steel Handle: Brushed Stainless Steel Same item copied from the front office after import.... notice the \n every where and no spaces... Tough, versatile, trustworthy and practical, our Lockback knives will quickly become your favorites when you need to get the job done.\n\n\n\nBlade: Drop Point Blade\n\nClosed Length: 3 1/8 inch \n \nSteel: Surgical Steel\n\nHandle: Brushed Stainless Steel Has any one ever seen this before? Thanks in advance for any help, I'm stumped.
  4. What version? Have you rebuilt the search index? For the version I use,, - preferences - search - rebuild entire index I just run a cron command every minute after I upload the csv because the csv clears the search index....then shut it off after the two indexed products numbers match.
  5. Thank you Bellini13! You put me on the right track to figure that out. I changed "none" to "inline" and it worked great. <div id="aut2"style="display:inline">
  6. I'm using and have Authorize.Net 1.5.4 and PayPal advanced(Presto-Changeo 1.1.1) enabled and in the cart. Both modules work great but the PayPal is open for customers to enter their information, while they must click on Authorize.Net option for the fields to open up. I included images of the checkout before Authorize.net is clicked on and after... Is this normal? I would assume they should both need clicked or both have fields open but I don't know. Has anyone figured out what to change to open the Authorize.Net up without having to click on it? I'm trying to keep a very simple checkout but this has been tricky.
  7. I don't know the fix but I'm assuming the Authorize module needs some work because I get a very similar error when trying to use my importfast module when I have the authorize.net AIM module 1.5.4 enabled. I temporarily disable the authorize.net AIM module to import and everything works fine and when I'm not importing, the enabled authorize.net AIM module works fine. Fatal error: Call to undefined method AdminImportFast::addJQuery() in /home/public_html/home/modules/authorizeaim/authorizeaim.php on line 132
  8. Ok I found the rhino image comes with the import-fast module. Embarrassing that it took me so long to figure that out. : / I'm still missing images that I cant explain but the rhino image was freaking me out. : )
  9. I've followed the advice here....to no avail..... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/141338-potential-hack-unknown-no-image-available-image/ I'm using Version and have changed my passwords, tried different browsers and when I insert the image manually, it changes back to the correct image.
  10. A percent of images are being overwritten when importing csv file. I upload the data file with and get this instead on the site.....
  11. Thank you for the feed back Crowell. The store will definitely benefit from your observations.
  12. Thank you Haylau! I'll have to work on getting the shipping estimator working. The shipping to the US was just a way to keep it simple for now as this is my first store and I'm learning as I go. Thank you so much for the feed back! : )
  13. Is anyone getting in or is it still blocked?
  14. I think the country access is straightened out now....sorry about that. : /
  15. Appreciate any thoughts.... link removed
  16. I bought the same Paypal advanced Presto-changeo module as Naldinho and it works great... http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/payment-modules/109-paypal-advanced.html
  17. Thank you Bellini. Prestashop Paypal USA Canada 1.3.8. running Paypal advanced Prestashop caught the full address but Paypal has no record of the order at all I haven't submitted it as a bug out of concern my setup is wrong and it's not a bug... The error was payment error.... Field format error: 10561-There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a complete billing address. even though the complete address was entered. I'm still looking for a setup error as I've only recently tried to get this to work and in no way do I have my head wrapped around the many settings. I've just found an unbelievable amount of answers on these forums with simple set up problems or tweaks that can be done and when i saw others getting the same 10561 error, I thought I'd ask and see if anyone had solved it.
  18. I'm using too and have the same error. Have any luck for a solution?
  19. Has anyone made any progress on this? " Field format error: 10561-There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a complete billing address" The only possible solution I found researching was to eliminate special characters from the PayPal Advanced password but that didn't work for me. Any help or ideas would be extremely helpful.
  20. Sorry about my answer...I need to stay off the forums when Im sleep deprived. Are you timing out? Try changing your php.ini maximum execution time to a longer setting and see if more of the search gets indexed.
  21. Wouldn't it be easier to just import and then run a cron job?
  22. Even if it's unmanaged, you may want to ask your host.
  23. No to the 40,000 but I'm building a shop with over 20,000 items currently loaded, fwiw. I'm running a tmz VPS server, 8 cores, 4 gigs of ram, apache, fastcgi, apache booster, xcache, apc, mariadb,...took a lot of tweaking... compress and cache everything... just opened the front page on a new tab and it loaded in under 2 seconds.
  24. I'd have to see the site to know for sure. Try too looking in global.css for new products....adjusting the padding or margin a little may do the trick. I've found most of my adjustments by backing up the file, changing the numbers a little and seeing what changed afterwards. There are some Prestashop professionals here that may know just by looking at it but I'm not that good....just trying to help you because so many have helped me.
  25. I had this when i wasn't giving my items enough spacing. In your themes/default/css/product.css you may only have to move things by a couple of pixels to fix it. ALWAYS make a backup of the file before you start changing it and turn cache off and force compilation on so you are seeing your changes in real time.
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