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  1. Hello, I can't find where I can change the translation of "CMS Categories" in the admin part of the site, when you choose Preferences and then CMS, in the top area just below the breadcrumbs there is something like Title, it is in the div id="cms_category_toolbar", it is in the area of the toolbar, where the button for "Add New" is placed. Every page in the admin area has this titles and I can't find how can I translate them... If anyone have an idea? Thank you
  2. Hello, It is working now at my end too, PayPal: 3.6.4 and PrestaShop: I used the file of Eli Ivanova as well. The problem at my end was caused by the fact that I had only one currency in PrestaShop and it wasn't supported by PayPal. So I added one of the supported currencies - EURO and in the process.php I entered the ID of the EURO currency, not the ID of my default (and not supported by PayPal) currency. Now everything is working fine. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm having the same currency problem... The version of PayPal is: 3.6.4 and the version of PrestaShop is I'm using only one currency in the shop, but it is not supported on PayPal. Have someone tested the solution for this problem in the latest version of PayPal? Is there something specific that we should choose in order for the changed file process.php to fix the problem - like the option: "Need PayPal to process all your card payments ?" or "Need PayPal in addition to your existing card processor ?", or the option for "Offer your customers a 3-click checkout experience" should be "Yes" or it should be "No"... If anyone has an idea, please?
  4. Is there a way to completely disable the Tickbox popup effect on the product page, but to keep the zoom effect? I've enabled the zoom effect from the admin panel, but still when i click over the product's image or the product's thumnail images, the tickbox popup has been loaded...and it doesn't work properly for me in IE (the whole site stops working), and I don't need that effect either... If anyone knows if this could be disabled? Thank you....
  5. I'm developing the site on localhost, but yeah, I will try to upload it online and share the link here. Thanks.
  6. Hello, When I try to use the Tickbox on the product images, on the product page, in IE10, IE9 or IE8, it doesn't load, it tries to go in compatibility mode or the screen just goes black. What I've changed is the sizes of the different image types and some css on the page. Struggling with this problem for quite a while already. If anyone have had a similar problem? The version of PrestaShop that I'm using is Thank you.
  7. Hello, Have anyone got it to work? In the product.js file, I also changed this line: $('img.jqzoom').jqueryzoom({ to this line: $('img.jqzoom').jqzoom({ But still it doesn't work... I'm wondering what could be the problem?
  8. Hello, Does a separate "Registration" page exist in Prestashop?. What I've seen so far is that "Registration" and "Login" are at one and the same page, but after the user fills in their email for registration, they are taken to a separate registration page..Unfortunately, when I try to add a link pointing directly to that separate page, it keeps redirecting me first to the general page containing both Login and Register.. I'm asking, because I need to have two separate menu items for Login and Register.... Thank you.
  9. Yes, I wanted to use both menus. But I adjusted it already here. Maybe it is going to be useful to have this additional option in the official release. Thank you.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, I just didn't see your last post on time. I tested the module and it works good, but the 'Top horizontal menu' also turned into a vertical one.
  11. Hello, What helped me when facing the same issue was adding this line of code: if (substr_count($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'], 'gzip')) ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); else ob_start(); in the beginning of 'index.php' file, the one in the main PrestaShop directory, just before the line: require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php');
  12. You're welcome. I hope it is going to be helpful to someone facing the same issue. Regards.
  13. Table `ps_configuration`, 2 rows with column `name`: PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL for their column `value` is where the port should be changed. And in table `ps_shop_url` I have only one row, so the columns I hat to change with the new port are `domain` and `domain_ssl`.
  14. Found it, there is one more place in the database where the port should be changed, the table is `ps_shop_url`. It's working now. Thank you.
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