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  1. Please report back to let the community know if it works and you do not have fake registrations/accounts. Thank you.
  2. I suppose it has to do with the folder name generated by github. It needs to be pdrecaptcha. For simplicity, I have created ready zip file to upload and install: https://github.com/hamsn/pdrecaptcha/blob/with_customer_reg/pdrecaptcha.zip Download the file above and try it. Best regards.
  3. Thank you for your work @luishuaymana I created a sub-branch to your project main branch: https://github.com/hamsn/pdrecaptcha/tree/with_customer_reg I implemented the functionality on the customer registration page too. Once tested and confirmed working, we can merge with the main branch. @Gummiwutzel If you have version 1.7.1 or above, you can download and try the module from link above. Module tested on PS
  4. If you are using PS 1.7.1+ then you can implement the above V3 procedure for the customer registration page also with the new hook actionSubmitAccountBefore Edit: Without core overrides*
  5. Thank you @Janett Reported here https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/18945
  6. This is still not fixed as of PS CustomerLoginForm.php says actionAuthenticationBefore Database does not contain the hook, but instead says actionbeforeauthentication How can I report this to the developers so that this is addressed in the future version? Thank you.
  7. For some reason front office translation is not shown in the dropdown in Localization menu. So I selected backoffice translation from dropdown, selected my language and clicked go. Once I am on the page, I edited the url in the browser: replace back with front, and hit enter Then I get all the front office translations, including address labels like VAT number, Address complement, etc. I hope this helps someone. All the best.
  8. Hello, We are not allowing the customer to set a password during account registration (it is randomly generated). Instead, we will send them the login details - email & password, by the welcome email. This mechanism is to ensure the email entered during registration is a real one. As of PS 1.7, passwords are no longer sent in the welcome email. So I am looking to either re-enable sending the password {passwd} or include a password reset link {url) as part of welcome email which the customer can click to set their own password. Whichever is more simpler to implement. I want to know where the function to send welcome email resides in PS 1.7. In earlier versions it was in controllers/front/AuthController. Any other suggestions are most welcome. Thank you for taking time to help. Wish you a good day. Best regards.
  9. Can this also be used on PS 1.7 or the code is a lot different than on PS 1.6? Thank you.
  10. I'm looking exactly for this solution. I would want to allow specific email domains to register and depending on the domain put them automatically in the customer group of that domain name. Will this be an extension to Email Check plug-in of yours? Let me know. Thank you.
  11. Go to SlideCaptcha configuration page and under Configuration, select 'No' from dropdown for Auto submit. This brought back the Send button and I could see the slider as well. Hope it helps.
  12. Hello everyone, I need some help with the specific price rules. We all know we have two options to apply discount, one is by specifying discount amount directly, or the other by specifying a discount %. Considering the following example: Base price of the product: 299 I want to give a discount of: 100 Price after discount: 199 Now if I use the discount % option, the % value will be in decimals and it won't come exact to 199 after applying the discount %. Second, if I use the amount option and specify 100, it will display discount as -100 in the front end, BUT instead I want it to display the % discount here. To make it simpler, check this product: http://afmas.com/presta/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product To where it shows -100, I want it to display the % (33.44% in this case, prefereably display as 33% or 34%) Is there a workaround for this? Also, second question, the featured product module in the prestashop doesn't show the specific price rules, what are the other options? Thank you so much for your time looking into this, Regards.
  13. Thanks again vekia! Topic has been marked as SOLVED.
  14. Thank you so much vekia, Prestashop Legend! I fixed it with your help. Marking the topic as solved. Edit: How do I close the topic?
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