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  1. I would like to migrate away from Powweb to a different hosting service and take my store with me as i'm not impressed with Powweb. Can anyone please give me some advise as to the best way I can copy everything over including the SQL database so I can simply get it running on a different host without the customer even noticing anything is different (apart from hopefully it runs faster). Another option, and this would be preferable for me, would be to do a complete fresh install of Prestashop, but simply carry over my customers and products and leave all the other crap out of the database. is this possible? If so how? I am not a developer, I am simply a merchant with some technical knowledge so please give simple instructions. Thanks, Mike
  2. Since upgrading to the latest PS version customers are now unable to add products to their carts. When pressing ADD TO CART the little animation sends the product off to the cart, but nothing appears. The cart is still empty. I am now losing business due to this bug. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know how to fix this please? Thanks, Mike
  3. Anybody know why this has happened? The buttons to change the font type and size have disappeared in versions 1.5+
  4. After carrying out the upgrade my product titles are obscured by the product images like this. Any ideas please? :-
  5. I have this issue too. Upgraded the module to 0.8 but it says is the latest version.
  6. I think it was 1.4.2 or something like that. I've already tried that and I get no errors at all.
  7. Since upgrading to I can no longer choose which categories my products appear in. This is what the category tree looks like and I cannot expand it at all:- When I click the default category all I get is Home and nothing else:- Please help !! Mike
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