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  1. hello, i do found the db name in settings.inc.php and i have changed it. but it still, when i load the site on localhost , takes me to the live site. Is there a configuration setting for changing the site url? It must be somewhere on the code files or db.
  2. hello folks, as i have seen the new version of prestashop, i also want to upgrade to last version. but before i upgrade online i want to download the site local and test the upgrade there. unfortunatelly i cant find any configuration file or table that keeps the values of: the dbname, dbserver, and livesite so as to change them to localhost. has anybody followed that procedure or do you upgrade online?
  3. hello albigin, Paulito gave you a complete and in detail solution about how to create the CmsMenu, i hope it is clear to you now. As for the second part of your question , 'how to add a link to a gallery under that menu': let me ask you something, can you code? are you familiar with the presta architecure? because only with custom code can it be done, there is no ready configuration for that. 1st. You add another one 'child cms page' and call it Gallery, under your cms menu. 2nd. You open the php file that controls the top menu, blocktopmenu.php 3rd. You should do the Vekia's proposal, and you will have a link that redirects to a gallery: If i were you i will create CMS page then in blocktopmenu.php file instead of: foreach ($pages as $page) { $cms = new CMS($page['id_cms'], (int)$id_lang); $links = $cms->getLinks((int)$id_lang, array((int)$cms->id)); $selected = ($this->page_name == 'cms' && ((int)Tools::getValue('id_cms') == $page['id_cms'])) ? ' class="sfHoverForce"' : ''; $this->_menu .= '<li '.$selected.'>'; $this->_menu .= '<a href="'.$links[0]['link'].'">'.$cms->meta_title.'</a>'; $this->_menu .= '</li>'; } use this: foreach ($pages as $page) { $cms = new CMS($page['id_cms'], (int)$id_lang); $links = $cms->getLinks((int)$id_lang, array((int)$cms->id)); $selected = ($this->page_name == 'cms' && ((int)Tools::getValue('id_cms') == $page['id_cms'])) ? ' class="sfHoverForce"' : ''; if ($cms->id==4){ $this->_menu .= '<li '.$selected.'>'; $this->_menu .= '<a href="URL_TO_GALLERY">'.$cms->meta_title.'</a>'; $this->_menu .= '</li>'; } else { $this->_menu .= '<li '.$selected.'>'; $this->_menu .= '<a href="'.$links[0]['link'].'">'.$cms->meta_title.'</a>'; $this->_menu .= '</li>'; } } if ($cms->id==4) - this is if condition with ID of gallery cms page. instead of "URL_TO_GALLERY" use url to your gallery page 4th kindly take a look on my conversation with Vekia in order to copmletely understand the solution.
  4. hello, i want to make an online shop that deals with digital data sales. but the selller will be the registered users themselves, so it must be a communication like system which they will be able to follow each other and chat with each other. can i implement this project with prestashop , is it worth it? or should i search for a different cms system , like joomla, drupal etc? I know that joomla this project can be implemented with joomla, but i generally prefer presta. Please any opinion is welcome, in order to make a conclution. thank you.
  5. hello Vekia, i got it. when you say id == 4 you actually mean the id of the gallery cms (i will create a cms which i will name it gallery.) and on the URL_TO_GALLERY i am going to write the link to load the gallery. it is a clever trick, i will try it and i will let you know asap. thnks.
  6. hello Vekia, you are always here to help, i can count on you. so, ok for the 'the company' and 'partners' i can create them as cms page. what about the 'photos', it is just a link to the gallery module , like : index.php?fc=module&module=azgallery&controller=gallery Can i write something inside the 'Page content' and redirect me to the image gallery ?
  7. hello, i need to create a new menu category on the ,'top horizontal menu' ,for my website, for example: (parent category) THE COMPANY (1st child) About us (2nd child) Partners (3rd child) Gallery this seems that it cannot be done from the configuration of the module (in the administration area). is there a way to create these links as i show above? my third child is a link of a gallery module, so can i put the link on a CMS page ? thank you.
  8. ιστοσελίδα για παιδικά και βρεφικά ρουχα: www.magiccloset.eu
  9. no problem i am satisfied that i have many comments, i agree with you about the background color but it is not my choice, the choice belongs to my client. if you see the clothes although they are for babies , they dont have puppies , tedy bears and flowers on them, they are alternative clothing but they are too stylish. so the idea of the closet came to his mind from an old movie 'Clockwork Orange'
  10. ok. i see. would you mind telling me when you make the update of the module? thank you
  11. yes, that's it. i tested the html block locally and it works exactly as i need, now i am going to put it on the live site. thank you very much vekia. But i use a multilingual website with Greek and English. i must have the footer links on both languages, does your module support multilanguage?
  12. hello, vekia, thank you for your help, actually i want to have two menus, one on the top (as is) and one on the footer of the page(actually they are a horizontal line of links, like on www.aliceonboards.gr). so, i need to have a second differnet and horizontal menu (about us, shipping, terms etc) on the bottom. i am i little confused, can i make the footer menu while using the permanent links ? (on www.magiccloset.eu/shop there are some permanent links on top left corner near the currency.). can/how do i use the permanent links block? thank you
  13. hello, i am using the default prestashop theme for making my eshop. i would like to put an horizontal menu on the footer of the website but i cant figure out how. (e.g. About us| shipping| terms of use | ... etc) should i use the blockpermanentlinks.tpl and write down the url links (about us,shipping etc) hard code or is there an official way to create this horizontal menu? the e-shop is http://www.magiccloset.eu/shop thank you.
  14. for baby clothes check here, it will be completed by the end of October www.magiccloset.eu
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