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  1. [SOLVED] <<<<<<< HEAD

    So I was not the only one who noticed this. The PayPal developer is not reacting at all, thankfully Vekia is responding
  2. Advanced Stock Management

    advanced stock management has a lot of problems. It's better not to use it. File a bug report and pray that someone will look into it.
  3. it does not work in PrestaShop™ Does not even install, will not show up in list installed modules
  4. Are you sure it works in 1.5? I am using and I do not see anything of your module on the front end..... Al your other (free modules work very good (very gratefull btw for all the free stuff you give away!) and there are no troubles at all with them. I hope you have some time to look around and tell me what I am doing wrong. Website can be found at
  5. Best Sales not found

    url's are hard because this is such a populair site and my google rank is effected. I will try this: http://www(dot)arduinomarkt(dot).nl
  6. Best Sales not found

    exactly the same here. I wonder what we did wrong.
  7. Great, thank you it worked right away. I kinda knew about the cache, but thanks for the reminder. Do you happen to know a place or a list of where all these kind of things can be found? Thank you, you saved me a lot of time.
  8. Hi, I'd rather use my own helpdesk software then the built in not so wonderfull one. I made a link in the store to the proper helpdesk location. But I can not find where to remove the link to the internal Contact form. Does anybody know how to remove that? It is confusing for my customers.
  9. welcome to the wonderful world of prestashop. Things move a lot faster here if you wave a lot of dollar bills.
  10. Arduino markt

    Jack and Dave, I listened to your remarks and since it was time to start the whole shop anew I implemented your sugestions. Looks a lot nicer now thanks to you, thank you very much for taking the time to help me.
  11. Will you please file a bug report, this is not fixed in
  12. Can you please file a bug report? Using here and having the same troubles.
  13. This is getting frustrating! I make a supply order, fill in all the fields and send the order out. The day the items get delivered I adjust the numbers in the order and expect to see a change in the available quantities of that item. Yeah right, it does NOT work. I filed a bug report, nothing happened with it, except some guy removed the keywords. I'd rather have somebody look at the bugs then at the keywords. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-1852 I kinda regret choosing Prestashop now. There is no support what so ever, the software has the most stupid bugs and a lot of things simply do not work. I have invested a lot of time in Prestashop to get it working, would be a shame to see that all go to waste. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/199983-advanced-stock-management-supply-orders-problem/ http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/158246-supplier-order-system/page-2?do=findComment&comment=997494
  14. Arduino markt

    Thanks Jack, very helpfull. The setup for the shop is to be for Dutch people only. I tried to put Prestashop in Dutch language mode only, but since Prestashop is such crappy software you saw the English site wich is not filled with texts and such. Thank you for your effort, I will certainly do something with your remarks.