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  1. I know it looks redundant, I was hopping that it was easier if I "redirect" using the lang (/fr/, /es/) after the domain. This way, the domains would work like an alias. I would like to avoid using multishop. If I configure the domains as alias, will this cause problems with prestashop?
  2. Hi, I would like to use diferent domain names ( shop.com, shop.es, shop.fr) at the same shop (no multi shop) Each domain should redirect to is language: shop.com/en/, shop.es/es/, shop.fr/fr/ Can this be done without multishop? Using apache only URL rewrite? Any inconvenience? Thanks
  3. Hi, My problem was a cache problem Even if I force the page refresh didn't solve the problem, I had to empty the cache
  4. Hi, I'm starting to use multi-store. I've 3 groups of stores with one domain each. The 2 "new" domains are alias from the main one in Plesk control panel. My problem is that all the domains are redirect the main one and I never see the other 2 shops. This is a plesk "problem" or a prestashop one? Thanks
  5. In some products I need to list all the "accessories or related products" with all their size and color combinations visible, so the user can buy them without leave the page. Supose Supose my "main product" its an image from a bedroom, and I want to sell "subproducts" (the pillows, the sheets, the duvet covers)...and all this subproducts have many combinations of color/size that I want the user to choose Example: http://www.laredoute.com/ppdp/m/prod-324478576.aspx?docid=706516
  6. Em vez de instalar pelo backoffice, copiei a versão 3.8.4 para a pasta módulos e aparentemente está a funcionar. Obrigado.
  7. Quando clico em instalar dá este erro: "The module paypal that you uploaded is not a valid module." Outra pessoa já teve um problema parecido e resolveu com a versão 3.7.1 do paypal https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/325830-paypal-not-valid-module/
  8. Neste momemto não posso fazer a actualização para a por causa de um módulo que o meu cliente usa, que só finciona na Será que consigo uma versão anterior do módulo paypal? Ou há alguma forma de contornar este problema?
  9. Estou a tentar instalar o módulo Paypal Europe Oficial 3.8.4 no meu Prestashop mas obtenho este erro: "The module paypal that you uploaded is not a valid module." Já copiei a pasta do módulo paypal para a pasta módulos, mas o erro continua. Alguma sugestão?
  10. Hi sandipchandela, I bellive that isn't what I need. I want to create a "vertical menu" on the left colum that keeps visible even when I open one of the menu items. Something like the image attached
  11. Hi, I'm using prestashop 1.6 boostrap and I would like to keep the left information visible when I open one of is cms page ("About us" for example) Thanks Paulo
  12. Hi, How can I display Custom CMS info block on all pages? (at the same position and size it shows on homepage, before the footer) It could be done on modules positions or I have to change any code? I'm new with with Prestashop. Thanks Paulo
  13. Hi, I want to know if its possible to do this with prestashop: I want to create multiple stores that could be administrated by my custumers individualy. I also want to have a "global store" that shows all my costumers products. Thanks
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