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  1. Try updating the shop_id and the shop_group_id. Also you should try logging-in from another browser (free cache).
  2. So what hook should I put in those pages, which is the hook layered navigation uses in this case? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, I want to change the behavior of the layered navigation block, in the left hook, for the ... <ul id="ul_layered_id_attribute_group_7" class="tip-tocuri"> <li class="nomargin hiddable"> <input class="color-option tip-tocuri" type="button" name="layered_id_attribute_group_50" rel="50_7" id="layered_id_attribute_group_50" style="background: url(img/co/50.jpg);"> </li> <li class="nomargin hiddable"> <input class="color-option tip-tocuri " type="button" name="layered_id_attribute_group_49" rel="49_7" id="layered_id_attribute_group_49" style="background: url(img/co/49.jpg);"> </li> </ul> As you can see the attributes are color-option -> modified to show a picture instead of a color. I have two attributes for this group: With heels (cu tocuri) / Without heels (fara tocuri): Now the normal behavior will be that when you click one of the buttons it will filter only those products, but when the second one is clicked it will add those products to the list as well. But I want to click one of these buttons to replace the other filter instead of adding to it. Something like a switch, when i click one the other is not active anymore. Please help, I'm so frustrated I don't know more of how to control prestashop behavior. Thanks! Nick
  4. I've got the same problem, even posted a forum topic on this matter: http://bit.ly/1dfc8pD No solutions by now. Is there anyone with good enough skillz to solve this mess? Thanks in advance, subscribed to your post. Nick
  5. I'm sure an experienced PrestaShop developer could figure it out, but it seems I can't. I see here the getSelectedFilters has this instruction: $id_parent = (int)Tools::getValue('id_category', Tools::getValue('id_category_layered', 1)); if ($id_parent == 1) return; I'm guessing the getValue method returns either the id_category_layered either (int)1, in the case it's 1 it doesn't show. If this is the case I've already commented out this line and it's still not showing in new-products, prices-drop or best-sales. What am I missing here?
  6. Hi Robin, Thanks for the answer. Can you be a bit more specific, the file I should modify is "/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.php" ? I'm looking through the blocklayered.php and that file has a lot of code, , where exactly should I modify the code? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, As the title suggests I'm trying to make the blocklayered be displayed in prices-drop, new-products and best-sales in the LeftColumn hook. Using a third-party custom module is not an option for me. To my knowledge the Layered Navigation Block is a category specific module and I should try customizing the module in order to get it displayed in these pages. If anyone knows what files should be modified and what I should modify, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance! Nick
  8. Hi bro, It's because the two languages use different syntaxes: In PHP : $link->getCatImageLink($category->link_rewrite, $category->id_image, 'medium_default'); the "->" is used in order to acces Object Data, because the data type of $category is Object. You could have used $category['link_rewrite'] if $category would have been an array. In Smarty the syntax differs a little and the PHP "->" is replaced by "." . Here's a little documentation on the difference between Arrays and Objects: Arrays: http://bit.ly/J0PZOQ Objects: http://bit.ly/J0Qbhc Hope it cleared things a little. Nick
  9. Hi there, I had the same problem, in more detail: Was trying to customize the invoice and at a point (at which I don't know what exactly was modified) after an invoice was generated when I clicked "See Invoice" in the Admin -> Orders -> Order Details, a new page would open without the "Save file" dialog, completely blank with no source code in it. What I did: Step 1: Go to root/config/defines.inc.php and change this line: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to this define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); This is in order to see what exactly is going wrong. For me it was a line in the pdf/header.tpl that seemingly had a syntax error, which really didn't make too much sense. Step 2: I just took the original files from the Prestashop archive and replaced all of root/pdf. I hope this helps because I see that this forum isn't helping too many people, they say the PrestaShop community is great, but I just don't see it.
  10. Bun, intrebarea mea este cum este recomandat: 1. sa folosesc campurile deja definite APE, SIRET, Website 2. sa folosesc campul TVA definit de plugin-ul pentru TVA si sa adaug celelalte campuri manual Dati-mi niste sfaturi legat de unde trebuie sa modific si ce anume, pentru a nu imi prinde urechile si eventual sa mai si stric ceva. PS: pentru a nu distruge ce e online m-am decis sa fac aceste modificari pe serverul local, insa si aici ma lovesc de ceva probleme: - nu mi se mai loga cu datele de admin in back-office - acum primesc redirect loop la accesare localhost/mywebsite WTF, in momentul asta OpenCart pare o alegere putin mai inteleapta...
  11. Da, exista o functionalitate in back-end "B2B" care iti activeaza la creare cont nou 3 campuri in plus: APE, SIRET si Website . Dar acestea nu apar in informatiile clientului pagina my-account sau in back-end la informatii client. Exista posibilitatea sa transform din traducere APE in CIF, SIRET in Nr. Reg com. si website in IBAN, dar vreau sa le si afisez in pagina clientului, pentru ca el sa le poata modifica daca este cazul. Plus ca deja exista un plug-in gratuit pentru activarea CIF in scopuri de TVA cand introduc numele firmei. Eu asta as vrea sa extind, sa folosesc TVA-ul care este deja disponibil din acest plugin si sa adaug restul informatiilor.
  12. Salut, ce anume am implementat la versiunea 1.5.5 ?
  13. Salut! Am nevoie sa modific Prestashop-ul pentru a face disponibile urmatoarele detalii: "Nr. Reg. Com", "Banca / Sucursala", "Cont IBAN", "C.I.F. - TVA", "PFA/Firma/Pers Fizica" Ca stil as vrea sa le afisez pe toate intr-o singura sectiune, separata in pagina de celelalte detalii "personale"; Modificarile ar trebui sa aiba efect in urmatoarele locatii: - procesul de autentificare (fara introducerea adresei) - in pagina de adaugare adresa (Address) si in pagina Adresele mele / Addresses - in factura si toate documentele contabile emise Versiunea: Prestashop 1.5.5 Sper ca nu am omis detalii, dar revin cu ele daca e nevoie. A mai realizat cineva asta? Ce sugetii aveti pentru a incepe de undeva? Multumesc!
  14. I guess that was my problem, I've cleared my Chrome's cache and it now works just fine. Thanks!
  15. Hello, The problem is that with a fresh install, no customization, I tried creating an account and finishing an order, and realized that when adding p a product in the cart it updated, but when going to Checkout it displays Shopping Cart: (empty). Also when refreshing the page it resets the shopping cart from SHOPPING CART: 1 product 81,91 lei to SHOPPING CART: (empty) Also i can't login, the user is registered in the DB but when i login it doesn't display "logout" for example, or my name in the top-right corner. Did anyone confront with this problem? Can you please help?! Thanks!
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