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  1. Hi, can't seem to find the module/add-on. can you be more specific on how to search on it? thanks for your help
  2. Hi, Is there anyway to upload pictures in bulk to the product page? currently i'm uploading one by one using the prestashop admin which is very time costly Thanks
  3. Hi, Can anyone please advise where exactly in the admin panel can i update the main page shoutout to my product? I can't seem to find the option to choose. Also, anyway, to disable the left bottom corner picture as shown attached? Thanks!
  4. Hi, May i know what's friendly url. When i create category, it's require to put in. So what should i put? Thanks!
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    可以請教各位为什么我安装中文翻譯包之后, 還是不可以使用? 當我建立一個新的語言 (cn), 它的status 會自動跳去 error (三角形里面一個感叹号) frontoffice 和 backoffice install 都試過了, 還是不行
  6. hi, I;ve tried to use the ch.gzip method but the status of the language is "Error" May i know how to rectify this? thanks
  7. I've installed extracted prestashop under folder www.XXX.com/prestashop/ and install it. It works perfectly fine until later i decided to move the entire folder to the root folder (now become www.XXX.com/ ) When i login again in the prestashop admin screen, the page keep refreshing at the login menu instead of going in. it doesn't prompt me an error message like when i key in wrong password. Anyone can help?
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